3 Tips From Our Clients to Help You Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodel

Have you ever seen the emotional roller coaster of remodeling? We review it at our very first meeting with each client. There are two versions, the wild ride that is common with a lot of contractors and the ‘kiddie coaster’, as we like to call it, when you work with McManus Kitchen and Bath.

Every project is going to have some emotional ups and downs. Which version of that roller coaster you experience comes down to two things: communication and planning. We pride ourselves on have the very best communication and planning processes of any contractor in Tallahassee but there are a few things you can do in advance of your project to help as well.

We surveyed some of our past clients to ask them what advice they would give to someone preparing for a kitchen remodel and compiled the best tips below.

Top Tip #1:  Start Preparing Early

One of the most common pieces of advice we got was “don’t wait until the last minute to prepare”. They recommended starting about 3 weeks before the project is scheduled to start by going thru your cabinets and getting rid of anything you no longer need or want.

Top Tip # 2: Boxes and Bins for Storage

It’s also a good idea to start collecting boxes about 3 weeks in advance and make a plan for what will be stored where. You will want to keep some kitchen items handy, while others can go in the garage, attic or even in storage POD.

Cardboard boxes are great for dishes and pots/pans. Consider buying some plastic tubs with lids for your food items to keep pests out.

Top Tip # 3: Create a Space for a Temporary Kitchen

Another popular recommendation was to create a small space in the dining room or living room to set up a temporary kitchen area.

  • Set up a small table or dresser where you can set up a microwave, trash bin, coffee maker, and have some countertop and storage space.
  • Leave space so we can move your fridge into this area on day 1 of the project.
  • Some people found it convenient to set up the coffee maker in the bathroom
  • You could also consider getting a water cooler to set up in the temporary kitchen so you can fill you coffee maker easily.  
  • You can rent a water cooler for about $10 a month – they create both steaming hot and cold water on demand. We use The Water Store here in town: (850) 386-7053.

You’re also welcome to borrow our portable kitchen. It comes with an outdoor sink, an induction cooktop, cutting boards, dishes etc… plus weather proof bins to keep everything organized. Combined with a second folding table it makes a very functional kitchen.

Other Popular Kitchen Remodeling Tips

  • Plan quick and easy breakfasts like instant oatmeal, granola and yogurt or cereal.
  • Small appliances like a rice cooker, toaster oven or air fryer were a lifesaver for some clients.
  • Keep condiments, spices, etc… handy. They can make a bland frozen meal taste a lot better!
  • The kitchen sink was the hardest thing to live without according to most people. Washing dishes is going to be difficult so it was recommended to stock up on paper plates, cups and plastic utensils.
  • Get some ice trays. The icemaker in your fridge won’t be connected so plan to make ice the old fashioned way.

A Word About Pets

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your furry family members.

  • Make sure all animals have a microchip and/or collar with your information in case they accidentally get out.
  • Have their favorite toys, blankets, treats, and beds in a quiet corner of the home where they can relax.
  • If loud noises make your pets nervous, playing some music in the background can help.
  • If you pet is showing signs of aggression or distress, it might be a better idea to let them spend time at a family member’s home or board them during some parts of the project.

Remember, We’re here to Help

Just let us know if we can do anything to make the project more enjoyable for you and your family.

Paul McManus