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Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, it can pose big challenges for young children if it is not properly designed. Kids will be encouraged to practice good hygiene if they feel comfortable in their bathroom. Here are three tricks to help you to design a bathroom that is kid-friendly.

Consider Their Size

If you plan on remaining in the home for a while, be sure to design a bathroom that can grow with your child. While the pint-size sink and toilet may be adorable, they are not practical in the long run. Instead, choose fixtures that can be adjusted. A bathroom stool is an invaluable tool for a kids’ bathroom. With a stool on hand, you can choose the larger vanity and your child can use the stool until they are tall enough to use the sink comfortably.

Decorate with Them in Mind

Decorate the bathroom with the personality of your child in mind. This is a place where you can be playful and bold with colors and fixtures. You can choose some vanities they can have fun with, thus making them feel more comfortable. A storage basket for bath toys is a must if you have young children. Be sure to pay careful attention to the countertops. A granite surface can easily be stained or scratched, making it essential that you choose something sturdier such as laminate. The careful selection of cabinets and surfaces will ensure that your child is free to be a kid in the bathroom.

Consider the Bathtub

Safety should always come first in the bathroom. Bathtubs should be outfitted with anti-scald protective devices on the faucets and showerheads. This will take the worry out of your child being burned by water that is too hot. The shower or tub should also include an anti-slip mat to prevent falls. A shower bar will help your child keep their balance when they are first learning to shower alone. A kid-friendly showerhead allows for a variety of spray functions and will grow with your child as they become taller. A removable wand helps children to be able to clean themselves independently more easily.

The goal is to encourage your child to feel comfortable and independent in their bathroom. With the right planning and execution, you can create a bathroom that is a haven for your child.

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