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Having a welcoming bathroom can say a lot to guests, and also gives a great deal of comfort to the homeowners. Light remodeling creates a new atmosphere that will make it look relaxing and up-to-date. Manipulating your lighting in the bathroom can give the room a new air about it. Your bathroom is the space you use to wind down and take a breather, make it as welcoming as you can with these tips.

Clear Clutter

Adding a new shelf with a few decorative art pieces leaves the room looking sophisticated, but not too much to look cluttered and messy. Address Our Mess warns that clutter can be an eyesore and visually overstimulating, but creating an open space by moving item toward the walls in your bathroom can easily resolve a clutter problem. Keep cleaning items in cabinets, and plungers and toilet brush near the toilet. Open designs help your bathroom to feel bigger and easily accessible.

Changing the Lighting

Helius points out that the use of contrast, light, shadow and color can have an extreme effect on any surface or home decor. Dimmers can save on electricity while creating an ambient mood in the room. A dimmed, low-watt halogen light can act as an accent light for your bathroom, positioning them over your shelf of decorative art produces a contrast effect and provides a visual interest when you walk into the room. For your bathroom to feel as comfortable as possible experiment with ambient lighting. Ambient lighting can control mood and has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Color Sets the Mood

Colors tend to be a major factor in manipulating the mood in a room because colors affect us emotionally. CertaPro Painters explains that light shades have been known to give a calming feeling, while bright colors may energize you. Changing your color scheme to a light blue creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. A beige-green color scheme can make you feel peace within your space, even stress-free. Combining two colors in a way that is interesting is where your creativity and sense of style comes in.

Overall, using any one of these tips is sure to bring a relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom. Clutter in the room should be cleared for a nice, open feeling. Use dimmed lighting to lighten the mood. A light-colored scheme creates a serene mood in the room. After implementing these tips, you may be able to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa.

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