4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Prepare for Your Project

Are you familiar with the emotional roller coaster of remodeling? All remodeling project have their ups and downs but whether you experience is a dramatic ride with unpredictable ups and downs or more or a kiddie coaster comes down to two things: preparation and planning.

Your contractor is responsible for most of the planning and preparation for your bathroom remodel but there are a few things you can do in advance of your project to help as well.

We surveyed some of our past clients to ask them what bathroom remodeling tips they would give to someone preparing for a bathroom remodel. We compiled the best tips below.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #1: Start Preparing Early

One of the most common pieces of advice we got was “don’t wait until the last minute to prepare”

They recommend starting about 3 weeks before the project is scheduled to start by going thru your cabinets, linen closet and medicine cabinet and getting rid of anything you no longer need or want.

Tip # 2: Pick You Storage Containers

It’s also a good idea to start collecting boxes and other storage bins for moving out of your bathroom. Most former clients agreed that buying cardboard boxes in advance was a good idea vs just collecting whatever boxes they could find.

You probably need more that just cardboard boxes too. Cardboard boxes are great for clothing, linens and towels, even toilet paper. Consider buying some plastic tubs for smaller items, for liquids and things like makeup.

Bathroom remodeling tips

Tip # 3: Get A Shower Tote

Another popular bathroom remodeling tip to help you prepare for a remodel was to get a shower tote, Since you’ll be sharing the other bathroom in the home while you remodel is going on. Having any easy way to bring what you need into the bath and then store it away is a big help.

bathroom remodeling tips

Tip #4: Get a free standing clothes rack.

If you’re remodeling your master bath you might also have to remove your clothes from the closet. A free standing clothes rack can be very helpful. These are available at Lowes for around $25. They can be set up in a spare bedroom so you have easy access to your most used clothes.

A Few Words About Pets

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your furry family members.

  • Make sure all animals have a microchip and/or collar with your information in case they accidentally get out.
  • Have their favorite toys, blankets, treats, and beds in a quiet corner of the home where they can relax.
  • If loud noises make your pets nervous, playing some music in the background can help.
  • If you pet is showing signs of aggression or distress, it might be a better idea to let them spend time at a family member’s home or board them during some parts of the project.

Remember, We’re here to Help

Just let us know if we can do anything to make the project more enjoyable for you and your family.

Paul McManus

McManus Kitchen and Bath