December 28, 2018


Why Choose McManus for Your Home?

Most builders add Kitchens & Bathrooms to their long list of services. They are generalists, distracted by other services. We are specialists. We build only Kitchens and Bathrooms. And since we focus all of our energy and attention there, we are simply the best.

3 Reasons You'll Love Working With Us

Check out the boxes below, here’s a few reasons you will love working with us.

Specialist Approach


We focus only on Kitchens and Bathrooms. This means our knowledge is focused and top-notch.

We are true Kitchen & Bath Specialists.

Best Estimate System

We Supply Itemized estimates with three selection options.

  • A budget friendly “Good” option,
  • A middle of the road “Better” option,
  • A Top Quality “Best” option

Liveable Remodeling

Liveable remodeling means minimizing the disruption of remodeling by using specialized dust control equipment, custom project management solutions, and clear communication strategies.

Keep your Home & Sanity.


Our Services

  • Kitchen Remodeling / Renovation
  • Bathroom Remodeling / Renovation
  • Universal Design / ADA Compliance
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Custom Cabinet Refacing

Our Products

  • Ceramic, Glass and Porcelain Tile
  • Granite, quartz and solid surface counter tops
  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets
  • All in One Bathroom Vanities

What We Do

We specialize in gut renovations of kitchens and bathrooms. A gut renovation is a broad term to describe a remodel where we remove all tile, cabinetry, fixtures etc, and replace them with new.

We handle all aspects of the project from estimate and design work to installations and project management.

Our remodeling projects usually take 3 to 6 weeks to complete. We do all our design work in-house and use a combination of subcontracted and in-house labor to complete our projects.

What We Don't Do

We are not handyman service and typically don’t do minor repairs. If you need someone to help you with minor repairs please give us a call so we can discuss your needs and make a proper recommendation.

We also do not build new homes or do additions. Residential construction is a complex field and we believe in specializing so our tools and training are ideal for your project. If you are looking to build new or add on to your home we can refer you to reliable, licensed builders who will serve you well.

4 BONUSES Working With McManus

Product Knowledge

Dust Control


Design Standards

Our Process in 5 Steps


We start with a conversation. We review the project with you over the phone and talk about your goals for the project as well as your budget. Then we will schedule an in home consultation to review your project further, offer design advice and develop the initial estimate and design.

The planning process can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

Ordering & Scheduling

Now we put your project on the schedule, and we order materials. Some materials, like cabinets, can take 6 – 8 weeks to arrive. We prefer to have all materials delivered before we start your project. No delays for you once we get going. All materials are checked for defects before going in your home.

Ordering & Scheduling can take 2-8 weeks.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to the project start we schedule a pre-construction meeting where we meet with you and any relevant subcontractors to review the project. In this meeting we identify things like: proper equipment and materials storage, parking for work vehicles, clean up areas, as well as confirming day to day schedules and communication and job site set up.



Construction usually begins with destruction. On day one, we protect the floor and walls in the work area, as well as the travel path from the work area to the outside. A Zipwall dust barrier is erected and our BuildClean HEPA Air Scrubber is installed. Demo typically takes 1 – 2 days, we remove all debris from the job site as soon as demo is complete. At the end of each day your home is vacuumed, swept and moped and a daily progress report is created and sent to you.

Walk-thru & Follow-up

We like to review the project with you daily so we can catch any issues as soon as possible. As we approach completion we will schedule a formal walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. After completion, we follow up at 1 week and 1 month intervals to make sure there are no issues that need addressing.

Meet Our Owner : Paul McManus

Paul McManus owner of Mcmanus Kitchen and Bath in Tallahassee FL

Paul McManus

I studied architecture at the University of Florida.  One of the key takeaways from that study was how the design of a space could change the way you feel, even the way you live. One of my favorite design quotes is this: “The quality of our spaces can lift the quality of our lives”.

Fun Facts about Paul:

While in school I went to work for a local painting company.  When they went out of business suddenly I decided to buy their equipment and start my own company. Over the next 10 years that company evolved from house painting, to home repairs, to remodeling and eventually to specializing in kitchens and baths. In 2005 McManus Renovation, as it was called then, was born.

In the beginning, while in college, it was a lot of learning on the job.  Customers would ask me if I could replace or repair something and I would tell them I’d never done it but I was sure I could.  I found I had a real aptitude for most trades. I learned quickly.

I then attended various trade schools all over the country and learned about tile installation, cabinetry, kitchen and bath design, finish carpentry, drywall, tile, concrete… whatever seemed useful and interesting. Finally in early 2000 I decided that focusing on remodeling was what I wanted and what best suited my skills.

In 2004 I passed the Residential Contractors exam for the state of Florida.

I lived in Zambia, Africa for four years working for the US Peace Corps. I lived in and worked in a rural community in Zambia for two years and spent another 2 years as a volunteer supervisor in the Central, Southern and Copperbelt provinces.

Living in a 100 square foot mud hut, walking a kilometer to get water each day and working with the local community on various health projects was eye opening and educational. It informs my worldview even today, 15 years later.

It also gave me a chance to play around with some traditional building materials. I built a loft bed from bamboo and reed matting, sawed, cut and planed wood for my desk and even put an addition on my small home using traditional mud bricks and thatched roofing.

I completed my Peace Corps Service in 2004 and returned to Tallahassee to restart my remodeling company, McManus Kitchen and Bath.

Since then I’ve visited more than 38 countries, many of them in in Central Asia and Africa. I’m attracted to rural, out of the way places where life can be harsh but generally the people are generous and welcoming. Travel has impacted the way I live and work and has helped me maintain a broad range of design styles and methods.