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When planning a kitchen remodel there are endless choices for kitchen cabinetry and it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. We carry an array of quality cabinet brands to choose from at our showroom, and our Good Better Best process helps you narrow down your search depending on your needs; however, after hearing about our clients’ desire for high functioning, beautiful cabinetry, we more often than not find ourselves pointing them toward Bellmont.

Why We Choose Bellmont

Here’s a quick overview of Bellmont Cabinet Company, the premier frameless cabinet maker in the US.

  1. Only company in the US that offers true European design
  2. Free sizing in ¼ in increments (length, width or height)
  3. Unique organizer, cabinet sizes, and storage options
  4. Technology and design forward company

3 Series: 1600, 1900 and Vero

Bellmont offers three series of frameless cabinet each offering their own features and benefits when it comes to kitchen design. For detailed breakdowns of the difference in construction between the 1600 and 1900 series head over to Bellmont’s website.

The 1600 Series:

This series is the most affordable of the options offered by Bellmont. The box is constructed out of ⅝” particle board. The affordability comes at some cost of customization as there is only two drawer option, the standard access and the Satino drawer. There are 34 different door styles available in the 1600 series.

The 1900 Series:

The 1900 series comes at a slight price increase but that allows for a lot more options for customization. The box construction is made of ¾” particle board and there are four drawer options. The door styles come in 70 different options to make sure that the exact look you are going for can be achieved.  


Vero is the newest of the design series brought to you by Bellmont. This European inspired series focuses on streamlining the look of your kitchen and bringing an air of modernity. There are 11 different door styles in the Vero series each one sleek and set up so that no hardware is needed. The goal of Vero is to focus on “material, texture, and color” which makes it a great match if that is the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Bellmont likes to describe Vero “the 1900 series dressed in an Italian suit.”


Which Style is Best for You?

Many people think that frameless cabinets are just for modern homes – not true! You can really do any door style on a frameless box. Framed cabinets are actually more limited in style choices.

Traditional cabinets are easy to spot with raised center panels and molding details. The colors tend to be neutral wood tones. Pictured above is the Crest door style (1600 series), the Richmond style (1900 series), and the Heritage door style (1600 series).

Transitional cabinetry rides the line between traditional and contemporary design. They allow kitchen design to fluctuate with the whims of the owner because they blend into both design options. Pictured above are the Abode style door (1600 series), the Avant style door (1900 series), and the Intro style door (1600 series).

Contemporary design often follows the will of the people changing as people’s tastes change. The current trends in kitchens today are simplistic details or no details, natural color tones, and a push for eco friendliness has resulted in more natural wood looks. Pictured above is the Matisse door style (1600 and 1900 series), the Terra door style (1600 and 1900 series), and the Luxe door style (1600 and 1900 series).

Modern cabinetry is often smooth high gloss and industrial in its overall feeling. The idea of a modern kitchen is to avoid the clutter of detailing and focus on the overall forms. Pictured above is the Porta door style (1600 and 1900 series), the Porta metal frame for glass insert (1600 and 1900 series), and the Euro in Eggshell (1900 series).

Traditional design often dates back to colonial features and focuses a lot on detailing. Transitional carries forward those details into a more modern setting. The Jefferson door style (Left) is a traditional door with a raised center panel and molding detail. The Heritage door style (Right) also has a raised center panel but the detail is simple, making it easier to blend into contemporary design. C

Both modern and contemporary cabinets follow designs with clean lines and minimalist styles but despite how it might look there is a difference. Contemporary design is constantly changing with the trends while modern design is a constant. The Cove door style (Left) is a smooth matte door with finger grooves built in. The Nova door style (Right) has the same clean line design that many modern cabinets have but uses natural material and has minor details in the flush panels.

We use our Good, Better, Best system to match your budget to the products that best fit your project. The 1600, 1900, and Vero series all offer their own perks when it comes to design. We can take a look at what your style is and how to make Bellmont work for you. Want a look at the rest of what Bellmont has to offer?

Thank you for reading! We’d love to be a part of your next remodel. Check out our design services page

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