Construction Management: Building Without Interruption

Building without interruption is part 4 of our liveable remodeling process

Step 4. Building Without Interruption

Many a project has gone off the rails due to poor planning and project management. It why we spend so much time in the planning phase making sure all the details are accounted for before starting construction.

Our Construction Management System

Good project management is about being proactive and having great communication. We use a cloud based project management system called BuilderTrend. We use it for all our project scheduling, payments, completion lists and daily logs.

Project Management Construction management
An example of your project portal

Your Project Portal

We’ll give you access to BuilderTrend after your approve your initial budget. Once you have created your login you will have access to:

  • The Project Calendar
  • Daily Logs
  • Completion Lists
  • Payment schedules

construction management
An Example Calendar

The Project Calendar

Change is inevitable on a remodeling project and our project calendar is updated daily. All of our trade partners are part of the system and receive automatic updates whenever a schedule that affects them is changed.

Project Management

Daily Logs

We start recording daily logs during the design process. Every time a log is recorded you will get an email summary of the log with a link to the full log.

During production our project manager records at least one daily log each day and trade partners will also provide updated. A typical daily log contains:

  • A description of the work done today
  • A description of the work planned for tomorrow
  • Progress pictures and videos
  • A note about any issues or questions.

The daily logs are a great way to record what is happening on the job site. Our project manager will also speak with you every day to make sure things are going as you expected.

Completion Lists

Completion lists are one of most important communication tools. Your project manager will update the list every week to stay on top of little details that otherwise could go overlooked. You are also asked to add to the completion list so we can address anything you have questions about.

Any items added to the completion list will be done within 5 days of being added to the list.

Here is a quick video overview of BuilderTrend.

Livebale Remodeling

Uninterrupted Construction is step 4 of our liveable remodeling process.

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