Loft Bed Fort

The youngest wanted a fort!

Project: Build Two Loft Beds

Location: Lake Jackson, Tallahassee

Cost: $900

Customer Review:

“Paul is knowledgeable, works effectively and efficiently, keeps you up to date on how things are going along the way, and most importantly, is incredibly affordable! I will hire him again for the next home project!”  Dana Urritia, Lake Jackson


A growing family runs out of room quickly! We built a bed for this homeowner in the girls room and this time we returned to build two beds in the boys room. The youngest wanted a Fort Bed, the older one just wanted a simple bed. It was a fun project that really added a lot of space to a small room. The challenge in this room was the ceiling fan. We had to be careful to build the beds so that the fan could still operate. It was close but it did just fit.

Loft Bed with chain

Loft Bed Fort

Simple ladder for loft bed Fort Loft Bed 2 Ladder for Fort Loft Bed Loft Bed

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