Tackling a remodeling project on your own can be rewarding and sav you money. But if you’re not careful it can also lead to costly mistakes and frustration

If you’re conisdering a DIY project and want some advice before you start give us call and we can walk you through the steps you need to think about, recommend tools you might need and even refer you to some sub contractors who can help.

If you’ve already started a project and gotten yourself into a jamb or need help diagnosing a problem we can jump on a video call and try to help.

The service is free… we’ve got some extra time on our hands right now while we work from home and just want to help. If you ever need a contractor for a remodel we hope you’ll consider giving us a call.

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Want to start a DIY project, but not sure what your options are?

Below is a list of ideas our staff has put together for some inspiration!


20 Ideas For Inspiration:
  1. Upgrade your kitchen faucet (this is one of our favorites)
  2. Upgrade your shower head and vanity faucets
  3. Paint your trim and moldings
  4. Paint a room or an accent wall
  5. Paint your front door – the best way improve the curb appeal of your home
  6. Pick out new cabinet hardware – easy to switch, inexpensive and can change the look of your kitchen (just make sure the hole patterns match)
  7. Clean or stain your grout – time consuming but very inexpensive
  8. Replace your electrical outlets with USB outlets
  9. Declutter and minimize belongings
  10. Replace your bulbs with LEDS
  11. Install a trash can pullout
  12. Add tray dividers for better storage
  13. Power-wash the exterior of your home
  14. Plant flowers or make a vegetable garden
  15. Make a window box and add flowers
  16. Create a Black Eyed Susan vine
  17. Create a tree bench
  18. Change your light fixtures
  19. Turn your address number into an address planter
  20. Update your door handles

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