Start With A Design and Budget Consult

Clarify your design, understand the process and get a Good Better Best budget for your project.

The two most common reasons remodeling projects fail to meet expectations is a lack of planning and an unrealistic budget. This causes delays and unnecessary stress but more importantly it creates missed opportunities and regrets.

Our Design and Budget Consult provides you with the detailed information you need to start your project right.


Our Design and Budget Consult: What to Expect

A Design and Budget consult consists of two visits. A home visit followed by a showroom visit.

At the Home Visit

The inital home visit typcially takes 60 to 90 minutes. We’ll discuss your design goals and what you like/don’t like about your current space. We’ll also answer your questions and then take accurate measurements and pictures of the existing room.

At the Showroom Visit

The showrom visit takes about 90 minutes. We’ll have your Good Better Best budget ready for you to review. We’ll discuss design and product options and customize the budget to your neeeds.


1. A Detailed Scope of Work

At the end of your Design and Budget Consult we will give you a detailed scope of work, timeline for completion and next steps guide for your project.

2. A Realistic Budget

You’ll also get a Good Better Best budget as part of your Design and Budget Consult. The GBB budget outlines all the material options and their cost so you can make smart choices that meet your goals.

We present the Good Better Best budget to you in our showroom so we can demonstrate these products and help you understand the difference between good, better and best.

3. Next Steps

We’ll also review our step by step process remodeling process and discuss the next step for moving forward with your project. 


Good Better Best Overview

After The Design and Budget Consult

After your design and budget consult the next step is to approve your budget and pay a 5% design retainer. We will then prepare an initial 3D design for you and review it at our first design meeting. It typically takes 2-4 design meetings and 2 more home visits to finalize all the details and create your fixed price proposal.


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