April 3, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing with Cabinet Cures

New kitchen doors, refacing cabinets


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Cabinet Refacing In Tallahassee, FL

Cabinet refacing is an economical way to update your kitchen when you are happy with the current layout of your kitchen but would like to update the look of your cabinets.

The Cabinet Refacing Process Involves:

  • replacing all cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • installing new, soft close hinges
  • Installing new moldings (crown molding and light rail)
  • covering the face frames and end panels with a matching ¼ inch wood skin

Refacing begins with our installers removing your old doors, drawer fronts and hinges. We will then install all new doors, hinges, drawer fronts and reface your cabinets exactly to your specifications. All of the new doors and drawer faces are custom-finished by hand by highly trained craftsman. We avoid using laminate veneers. When complete you have a truly custom kitchen that looks and functions great!

What does it Cost?

A typical kitchen refacing will cost between $8500 and $12,500 but can cost more if a lot of custom options are selected. Cabinet refacing typically costs about 30% less than traditional cabinet replacement. We’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate when we visit your home.

How Long Does it Take?

Kitchens are usually completed in 3 – 5 days depending on the number of cabinets. Most bathrooms can be completed in one day.

Free Design Consult 

Our Cabinet Cures’ refacing process begins with  a design consultation in your home. After reviewing your project, your designer will help you explore available options. Once you’ve selected a wood type, door face style, and finish, we will give you an estimate on the cost of the project while we are there in your home. Once you approve the estimate and design we will schedule your project, we guarantee our start and finish dates.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Budget

This kitchen was refaced in dark walnut. Drawers were added to the base cabinets and custom trims were installed



  • Typically costs 40% less than new cabinets
  • We install doors and drawer fronts of the best quality, better than many well know cabinet brands
  • All doors, drawer fronts, moldings and panels are custom finished to your specifications.


  • Your existing cabinets are left in place saving all that material from going to the landfill.
  • All of our finishes are water based and low V.O.C.
  • Refacing can be done with your counter tops in place


  • Most kitchens are completed in under 5 days
  • Cabinets do not have to be removed so there is less mess and less disruption of your day to day routine
  • You can continue to use your kitchen throughout the project
  • If you’ve installed stone or other high value counter tops we can reface your cabinets without having to remove or replace them.


The Cabinet Cures system allows us to customize your kitchen in many ways including:

  •   Make wall cabinets taller
  •   Add drawers to existing base cabinets
  •   Add features like wine racks and pullouts
  •   Create Custom Islands


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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326