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Are Kitchen Corner Cabinets A Good Idea?

There are some great corner organizers on the market today but often when we design a kitchen we opt instead to create a ‘dead corner’. Why would we do that?  Let’s look at the pro’s and cons of corner cabinets and corner organizers.

Pro’s and Con’s of Corner Cabinets


  • Can capture otherwise unused storage space


  • Expensive, especially if organizers like swingouts or lazy susans are added
  • Even the best corner organizers are less convenient storage than regular cabinets
  • Can mean sacrificing storage in other cabinet in the kitchen

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Options

Depending on the cabient company you choose they will have anywhere from just a few corner cabient option to more than a dozen. Lower cost cabinet lines usually offer fewer choices. Our main cabient line, Bellmont Cabinets, has a wide selection of corner cabinet and organzier options.

4 Types of Corner Cabinet

Basic corner cabinets, without any organizers, are the least expensive option. There are 3 basic types of corner cabinet for both upper and lower cabinets.

1. Square Corner Cabinets have a door with a bifold hinge on them. They are commonly used with lazy susan organizers.

2. Blind Corner Cabinets provide the best storage in our opinion but things can get lost in the back of the cabinet. There are two types of organizers that can be added to a blind corner: swingouts and pullouts.

3. Angled Corner Cabinets are also used with lazy susan organizers and probably provides the best access to the corner.

4. The Peninsula Corner Cabinet is unique to peninsula corners.

Square Corner Cabinet

Square Corner Cabinet

Bellmont Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet

Angled Corner Cabinet

Angled Corner Cabinet

Bellmont Peninsula Corner Cabinet

Peninsula Corner Cabinet

Corner Oranizers

Each type of corner cabinet comes with different organizers. Organizers add expense but make the corner storage much more accsessible. See the diagrams below for the different types of organizers for each cabinet.

Square Corner Organizers

Square Corner Cabinet With Drawers

Square Corner With Drawers

Square Corner Cabinet Super Susan

Super Susan Square Corner

Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Square Corner

Square Corner Lazy Susan with Drawer

Super Susan with Top Drawer

Blind Corner Organizers

Blind Corner Swingouts

Swing Outs

Blind Corner Pullouts


Corner Swing out with drawer

Swingouts with Top Drawer

Angled Corner Organizers

Angled Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan

Angeld Corner Lazy Susan

Angled Corner Super Susan

Angeld Corner Super Susan

Organizer Cost

So are corner cabinet organizers a good idea?  They can be but you have to balance their utility with their cost. The best thing to do is work work with a qualified kitchen designer and let them help you decide.

Lazy Susan organizers: $250 – $550

Blind Corner Swingout: $1500 – $2500

Blind Corner Pullout: $1800 – $2500

So as you can see corner organizers can add a significant cost to a kitchen remodel. And they are not always the best choice when it comes to maximizing the storage and utility of your kitchen.

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