Kitchen Sink Cabinet Options

The space under the kitchen sink is often a dark hole where things get lost. They are almost as bad a kitchen corner cabinets. Fortunately, today there are some better solutions for under sink storage.

Sink storage can be broken down into two basic categories:  Cabinet options and organizer options. We’ll review both in this post.

Kitchen Sink Cabinets

Sink Cabinet Options

Organizers can be removed and replaced but your sink cabinet is here to stay. Depending on the cabinet company you choose, you could have a little as one or several options for a sink cabinet. Our main cabinet line, Bellmont Cabinetry out of Seattle, has 4 or five kitchen sink cabinet options.

Sink Drawer Base

Instead of the traditional sink base with a false drawer front and two doors, consider a sink with two drawers. The drawers are cut out to fit around the plumbing and provide easy access to the storage. Check out this quick overview video of Bellmont’s 2 drawer sink base.

Pro Tip:

One of the best ways to maximize storage under you sink is to work with your plumber to keep the drain and supply lines compact and close together. A single bowl sink with a drain on once side, rather than in the center, allows for more room as well.

Large Sink Base

Most kitchen sink cabinets are between 33 and 36″ wide. Which doesn’t leave much room for storage once you take the pluming into account. Installing a larger sink cabinet, one that is 48″ wide, will give you more room to add a trash pullout or other organizers.

Our kitchen sink in the showroom for example is 48″ wide.

Kitchen sink cabinet
Kitchen sink cabinet open

Full Height Doors

Not really an organizing tip but more of a design choice. Using full-height doors on sink cabinets, instead of using a false drawer front. adds a more contemporary look to your kitchen sink cabinet.

Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organizers

How you organize under your sink really depends on what you keep under there. Here are some of our favorites.

Sink Storage Sink Liner
Sink Caddy
Sink Cabinet Tilt out trays hardware resources

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