December 18, 2016

Our Remodeling Team

A successful kitchen or bathroom project requires a team of people. Our remodeling team consists of our employees, subcontractos and suppliers. Each plays an important role in making your project a success. We’ve spent years developing these relationships and making sure we bring only the best to your project.

We currently employ two lead carpenters and two assistants. They perform much of the work on site but also work with expert subcontractors when needed. We are on site daily, either to do some work ourselves or to work with and assist sub-contractors.

Our Employees

McManus Kitchen and Bath

Paul McManus,Owner

Paul got his start in construction while attending school at the Univesity of Florida, pursuing an Architecture degree. After college he started his own handyman service and continued to attend trades schools and seek other opportunities to learn. In 2006 he got his contractors license and started McManus Renovation and Design. In 2015 changed the name to McManus Kitchen and Bath to reflect the companies specilalty.


McManus Kitchen and Bath Trey Fulliere





McManus Kitchen and Bath Joey de Haven-Smith





Our Sub Contractors

We use many different sub contractors on our projects. The ones listed below are the sub contractors we have been working with the longest and use most often. On every bathroom project we will sub contract the Plumbing, Electric work, drywall and tile. Plumbing and electric work require special licensing and no Contractor should be doing that work with out the correct license. While we can do tile and drywall work in house, and sometimes do for small projects, we’ve found that hiring expert subs who do that work every day results in both a faster projects and better overall quality of work.

We like working with small, owner operated companies. When the owner of the company is on site everyday things just seem to go better. There’s nothing wrong with the big plumbing companies or electric companies etc… but we feel they are best used on large projects and commerical work where large workforces are needed.

Mark McKinney Plumbing

Owner: Mark Mckinney

Chad Ohara Quality Electric

Owner: Chad Ohara

Sheetrock Services

Owner: Erci Davis

Mayne Painting

Owner: Eric Mayne

Elements Tile and Stone

Singletone Tile Installations LLC

Rany Villarreal Inc

Our Suppliers

We carry many of the products you will need for your project. We have several lines of cabinetry, tile and hardware. However there are lots of options out there and we do not want to limit your selections. We’ve developed relationships with these local suppliers

Cabinetry Design Studio

Owner: Jean Fraser

Sellers Tile

Sea Tile


Water Lily