January 2, 2019

Our Team

Quality Work Requires Quality People

It’s a good thing we have both! Our Dynamic team is the heart and soul of McManus Kitchen & Bath and we are proud to work with such skilled people everyday. 

Our Team Members

Paul McManus Owner of McManus Kitchen & Bath in Tallahassee FL Kitchen Cabinets Tallahassee

Paul McManus, Owner-Operator

Hello, I’m Paul McManus, the Owner operator of McManus Kitchen and Bath. I’ve spent a lifetime honing my craft along and have had plenty of adventures along the way. You can read more about me on the About Us page. I studied architecture at the University of Florida.  One of the key takeaways from that study was how the design of a space could change the way you feel, even the way you live. One of my favorite design quotes is this: “The quality of our spaces can lift the quality of our lives”.

While in school I went to work for a local painting company.  When they went out of business suddenly I decided to buy their equipment and start my own company. Over the next 10 years that company evolved from house painting, to home repairs, to remodeling and eventually to specializing in kitchens and baths. In 2004 I passed the Residential Contractors exam for the state of Florida and in 2005 McManus Renovation, as it was called then, was born.

Caitlyn Lead Kitchen Designer at McManus Kitchen and Bath in Tallahassee FL

Caitlyn, Lead Designer

Caitlyn started out working in a home improvement store while going to Florida State University. Though studying applied mathematics and computer programming, she always had an interest in how-to’s and figuring out how things work. After specializing in appliances, cabinets, and flooring, she began to apprentice under the store’s kitchen and bath specialist. This quickly turned into a passion as the individual pieces began to join together to create the whole picture. Her favorite part is working with the software to draft plans and be able to give a visual of what your kitchen or bathroom could be and then being able to see it happen.

Caitlyn joined McManus Kitchen and Bath in November of 2017. While working for us full time she is also working on becoming an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

Caitlyn will be the first to tell you she’s not very “sales-y”.  Most people find her reserved at first, but quickly come to appreciate her knowledge of kitchen design and her ability to guide them through the many decisions needed to design a great kitchen or bath. Her attention to detail is one of her greatest assets and she has helped improve our consistency and reduce errors.

Andrew Bryner Project Manager at McManus Kitchen & Bath Tallahassee FL

Andrew, Project Manager

Hello, my name is Andrew Bryner. Raised in the Tampa Bay area, I was introduced to the life of hard work at a young age. When I say “young”, I mean very young. I had what felt like a full time job passing out menus for your family restaurant  at the age of 12. My dad got the highest level of door to door sales/marketing for the cost of a new bike and the promise of a promotion to dishwasher. Looking back that probably wasn’t much of a promotion. However, in those early I learned the benefits of hard work and building relationships with the people around you.

            After graduating high school, I moved to Lafayette, LA. There I attended a Seminary College and is the place where I met my wife. Shortly after graduating from Seminary, I married my wife and moved back home to the Bay Area. My wife, who is from Tallahassee, became very home sick and so we moved. After buying a home and having 3 awesome kids here, you could say we have made roots in Tallahassee

          I have spent 10 years learning the granite and marble countertop industry from my father in law. I started out in the installation side of the business, where I learned that the tiniest of details can have the biggest offects. Then I moved up to becoming the person to template the countertops before they are cut. Here is where I learned to have a successful installation it all starts with proper planning.

I take pride in my role here as Project Manager here at Mcmanus Kitchen and Bath, because I have the opportunity to combine 2 things that I am passionate about, people and craftsmanship. Here I get to connect with the people that hire us to build their dream spaces and showcase the attention to detail it takes to call ourselves true craftsmen. My biggest pet peeve is when someone who is working on a project says, “I can’t see it from my house”. I don’t care what it is anyone is working on, It is not good enough until they could live with it in their own home.

Ashley Design Assistant for McManus Kitchen & Bath in Tallahassee FL

Ashley, Design Assistant

As a creative at heart, Ashley focuses on thoughtfully constructed designs that make a statement. By envisioning each project through the client’s perspective, she marries style and function while also ensuring the individual’s personality and aesthetic are at the forefront of the design. She revels in learning new and exciting ways to incorporate the latest innovations and creative concepts into her work. Helping people create a space that brings them happiness every time they walk through the door is her passion.

Ashley has a B.S. in Political Science and Public Administration from Florida State University, but chose to focus on web design, traditional drawing, graphic design, and digital marketing after graduation. She has also worked on home staging and interior design projects, which led her to pursue a full-time career in the design field. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys traveling, live music, and hosting the occasional dance party.

3 Ways We are Better Than "The Other Guys"

Specialist Approach

We focus only on Kitchens and Bathrooms. This means our knowledge is focused and top-notch. We are true Kitchen & Bath Specialists.

GBB Estimate System

We Supply Itemized estimates with three selection options.

  • A budget friendly “Good” option,
  • A middle of the road “Better” option,
  • A Top Quality “Best” option

Livable Remodeling

Many companies are beginning to understand that there is often little to differentiate between products in the 21st century.

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