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Outdoor shower Tallahassee

Photo Credit: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/


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Outdoor showers can be simple to build and have a lot practical uses, but is an outdoor shower in Tallahassee practical? Absolutely! In this post we’re going to review some outdoor shower designs to fit different budgets that will work well for Tallahassee.

Benefits of Outdoor showers

An outdoor shower in Tallahassee might seem like a luxury but it also has some real practical benefits like:

  1. Provides a place to wash pets
  2. Keeping you home cooler in the summer
  3. Great for rinsing off after yard work, a mountain bike ride or other outdoor activities
  4. Provides are unique and enjoyable shower experience.

Specific Concerns for an Outdoor Shower in Tallahassee

Pine needles and Oak leaves

If you have a yard with pine trees or live oaks you’re going to need to either cover the shower to prevent leave litter from building up or design the enclosure in a way that allows for you to easily clean out the shower area with a leaf blower or rake.

Freeze Protection

Though its rare, it does freeze in Tallahassee and exposed pipes are particularly susceptible. Its a good idea to either insulate the pipes, install a valve so the water can be turned off during the colder winter months or both.

Mold and Mildew

Good drainage and air flow is essential to preventing mildew growth in your outdoor shower, especially in the humid months. Placing your shower in area that gets a lot of direct sun is also a good idea.

Outdoor Shower Ideas


Outdoor Shower Rustic Tallahassee

Locating an outdoor shower against the wall can make plumbing easier. The enclosures for this shower has a large gap at the bottom which helps increase airflow and makes it easier to clean out any leaf litter that may fall in the shower.  This shower also incorporates a heat lamp! Photo Credit: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/



Solat hot water outdoor shower

A lot of outdoor showers in Tallahassee don’t have hot water. In the summer months a cold shower can be great. If you do want hot water to your shower a solar hot water heater easy fairly easy to build and install.



beer can outdoor shower

Outdoor showers don’t have to be complicated! An outdoor shower can be as simple as a hose hung up on the wall. It’s still a good idea to consider drainage… here they just placed a small amount of gravel on the ground to prevent mud and allow water to drain away. Photo Credit: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/


Simple Outdoor shower tallahassee

A real minimal cold water shower.  Photo Credit: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/




Rain water outdoor shower

This shower uses a curved entry to provide privacy while still allowing for good airflow. A rain barrel provides the water supply. Photo Credit: HGTV



Insulating Outdoor Shower in Tallahassee

Wood trim covers water pipes and provdes insulation. Photo Credit: HGTV



Gravel drainage outdoor shower in tallahassee

Gravel provides great drainage and the open design creates great airflow. Photo Credit: HGTV


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