Vintage Look Bath Remodel – $12,500

Vintage Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel

Project: Bath Remodel

Location: Ox bottom, Tallahassee

Cost: $12,500


Bath Remodel

An upstairs Jack and Jill bath that opens onto two bedrooms. The goal for the homeowner was to update the look of the bath, replace the cracked floor tiles and open up the shower. We removed everything from the bath but kept the vanities so they could be painted and replaced with new counter tops. We also removed a wall in the shower and replaced it with a glass block wall.

We rebuilt the shower using Schluter water proof membranes and installed white 3×6 subway tile on the walls. Subway tile looks great and is very economical. For the floors they chose a vintage octagon and dot mosaic tile. We also repainted the existing vanities and had black granite countertops installed. Finally we refinished the walls with a knock down texture, installed new wood trim and painted the entire bath

Some images from the project: 

Before Pics

Bathroom BeforeIMG_20150625_193540IMG_20150625_193507IMG_20150625_193503

Setting Up


Demo and Shower Construction














During the demo we discovered a second layer of flooring under the tile. It was linoleum that a previous contractor had installed the tile over. No wonder their tile was cracking! We removed both layers, installed a waterproof uncoupling membrane to prevent any cracking in the future and to protect the subfloor from water damage.

We had our plumber re-route the shower valve so the shower could be turned on from the outside, no one likes getting splashed with cold water when they first turn on the shower!

We also had our counter top installer come out and template the existing vanities with a digitizer. These vanities were custom made and had a unique curved front. The digitized captured the exact profile of the vanity so we know the counter will fit perfectly.

We rebuilt the shower making sure all the walls were plumb and square, installed a 12×18 shower niche and waterproofing all surfaces with kerdi membrane.

Finish Work

IMG_20150820_083600IMG_20150813_140225Bathroom Pictures