Bathroom Addition

Adding a bath to an existing bedroom


  • Combine two bedrooms
  • Add Bath and Two Closets
  • Barrier Free Shower
  • Total Cost: $65,113.00

Adding a Shower

The pandemic really made a lot people think about the functionality of their homes. For this couple, they realized that when guests visited it was akward for them to use the hall bathroom. They also realized that they had an unused bedroom with plenty of space for an extra bath and shower. 

In our initial conversations they expressed the desire to have a shower with not grout lines. We introduced the Bath Planet panel system to them and they were immediately interested. 

This was not a typical Bath Planet project, we usually stick to just updating the wet area of the bath. But because we are licensed contractors with more than 20 years of remodeling experience we were able to take this project on. 

Project Details

Silver White Marble Shower Panels, Smooth 

Our acrylic panels are availble in several styles and colors. You can choose from smooth panels in a variety of colors, tile look panels with simulated grout and tile look panels with realistic grout.

This client wanted a a traditonal look that was the easiest to clean. So they choose a smooth panel instead of a tile look and they choose the Silver White Marble Color. 

Solid Surface Shower Pan

Because of the unique size of this shower and becaue they wanted it to be barrier free we decided to go with a Solid Surface shower pan rather than an acrylic shower pan. 

The Rest of the Bathroom

For this project the clients wanted a complete remodel so we also helped them choose a vanity, countertop, flooring and paint colors.


The Countertops is Corian in Glacier white with an integrated sink. We love corian for bathroom countertops because they are easy to clean and generally less expensive than a stone top.


The Cabinets are 1330 Series from Bellmont. We chose a Tempo door style in Matte Grey to go twith the Silver White Marble Shower Panels.  


The mirror is a custom frame from Precesion Frameworks.

Toilet and Accessories

The new toilet and bath accessories are from Fergusson. We choose a skirted toilet both for it’s contemporary look and because it is easier to clean.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

The flooring is an LVP from Mohawk. We love LVP in the bath because it’s 100% waterproof, warmer than tile and easy to clean. They also carried the same flooring throughout the bedroom. 

More Pictures: