Cascades Master Bath Remodel – $32,000

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Location: Tallahassee, near Cascades Park

By taking advantage of some unused space in their living room we were able to expand the bath so they could have a larger shower. Then by switching the location of the vanity and toilet we improved the layout.  Finally a pocket door solved the space issue they were having in their master bedroom and we added a door so the bath could be accessed from the living room.

Goals for this project:

      A more open shower and a larger shower

      Better layout for the bath

      Access to the bath from living room as well as bedroom


Project Before Pics

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Project After Pics

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Demo and Debris Removal

During demo and debris removal we are really concerned with 3 things:

       Protection of surrounding areas and Dust Control

       Job site set up and organization

       Looking for any issues with previous construction so they can corrected

You can see in the pictures below our trademark blue drop cloths. We tape them down at the beginning of each project and they stay in place for the duration. Each day we cover them with cloth drop cloths to catch and dirt and debris. The cloth drops are removed at the end of each day and shaken out.

The work area is then swept and vacuumed and tools and materials are returned to their designated storage area.


With demo complete we could focus on getting the new walls up and building the shower.

We build all our shower with Schluter Systems water barriers, pans and drains (that’s the orange stuff you see in the first photo above).  Many showers develop mold behind the tile due to improper construction and moisture management. Using Schluter water proofing products ensures that mold won’t be an issue in this bath.

We also install a crack prevention membrane underneath the floor tile

The Shower niche is a great addition to any tile and the half wall provides some extra places to put shower accessories

The window trim was cut and shaped to match the trim in this 1940’s home

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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326