Mid Century Modern Kitchen

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I used to pass by this house every week on a group bike ride. The house is hard to miss, it’s all white with a flat roof and iconic footprint. I always wondered what it looked like inside. Fast forward 7 or 8 years and I was invited into the home to look at remodeling their mid century modern kitchen!

Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Project Details

The house is beautiful. The homeowners loved the mid century modern aesthetic mixed with some Japanese influence. There are large windows everywhere and it has an open and inviting feel. The kitchen, while functional, was out of date and not really designed for the modern cook. For one it was quite small and lacked counter space. The dining room was cut off from the kitchen by a wall and the doorways were quite narrow.

Project Timeline

The design process for this project was about 6 weeks. We started with our first design meeting on November 28th and completed the design process on January 12th. The project itself took 4 months, a little longer than expected due to a delay in the cabinet delivery.

Project Goals

  • More storage and counter space
  • Organization: A place for everything
  • Accommodate their puppy (the star of the show!)
  • Widen the doorways and open the kitchen to the dining room


Having a lot of windows in the kitchen was fantastic but it also meant there would be few upper cabinets so creating storage would be a challenge as would venting the new range. The house also had a flat roof which meant no attic access so running new electric work would also be a challenge.

We worked out all of these issues over the course of 4 design meetings. 6 Tall cabinet would be used to increase storage. We would cut out a large portion of the concrete slab in order to run a vent pipe for a downdraft hood and also allow us to run electric and plumbing thru the slab.


The project ran smoothly for the most part. The only hitch came when all of their tall cabinets were damaged in a shipping mishap and had to be reordered. It delayed the project almost 3 weeks. We were able to continue work on the home, but it created some gaps in the schedule.


  • We used Frameless Cabinets From Bellmont Cabinetry
  • Appliances were purchased from Bobby Dollar in Thomasville, GA
  • Tile was from Emser Tile
  • Counter tops and back splash were Cambria Annica

Before Pictures

Progress Pictures

After Pictures

Project Costs

As with all our projects we started with a Budget and Design Consult which included a Good Better Best Budget. What was unique in this case was it took almost a year from the first visit for the homeowners to decide to move forward with their project. They were just very busy people and had to back burner the kitchen remodel for a while. When then reached out to us again they had decided to increase their budget and go “all in” on their dream kitchen project.

Good Better Best Budget: $73,000

Final Contract Price:  $126,509.28

The original budget for this project was around $73,000. That would certainly have been a nice kitchen but would have included some compromises. After some thought the homeowner decided to expand the budget and not compromise what they wanted, including some high end appliances.

Change Orders: $7671.90

There were 7 change orders on the project. 2 of them were zero cost, just some last minute changes to paint and grout colors. There was a $650 change order due to hidden conditions – a vent pipe that was in the way of relocating their sink and had to be moved. The other 4 change orders were requests for additional work to be done from the homeowner.

Final Project Costs: $134,181.70


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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326