Kitchen Remodel

Myers Park, Tallahassee
  • Complete Gut Kitchen Remodel
  • Custom Door Leading to Patio
  • All New Appliances
  • Total Cost: $72.610.67

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Project Overview

These homeowners had a list of priorities when remodeling their kitchen. First, they wanted to update the quality of the kitchen. This house is over 70 years old, meaning that natural wear and tear is bound to happen. Because of that, this kitchen needed a massive update to stay functional. Second, the homeowners wanted to update the look of the space. These two priorities in mind, we completely gutted the kitchen and started everything from scratch. The range area was eventually extended all the way to the exterior wall, meaning that the door to the patio had to be moved. nd with original brick siding on the exterior, that was no easy feat. However, once all was complete, the space transformed from a dated and dilapidated space into a fresh and vibrant area for the homeowners!

Before and After

Drag the slider in the image below to see the transformation!

The before and after photos for this kitchen really emphasize how a new design can completely transform a space!

Our Favorite Things

We love this homeowner’s taste! Check out some of our favorite features from their kitchen remodel!

New Patio Door

This patio door was a big task. Having to move the placement in the exterior brick wall lead to a lot of challenges, but we think that the final result is a beautiful way to enter and exit the space!

New Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Brand new appliances are always a plus, but these Fisher & Paykel appliances mix elegant industrial design and function effortlessly.

Rollout Pantry

Rollout drawers in a pantry are a great way to get more usable space out of your deep cabinets. No more digging through an overstuffed pantry!

Shelf Over Sink

The shelf over the sink is mostly decorative, but we think it adds so much to the space. The shelf pairs perfectly with the two tall wall cabinets to frame the window with a cohesive sense of flair.

New Flooring

The new flooring in this space is wood-look tile from Daltile. Hybridizing the durability and feel of tile flooring with the aesthetic of wood means that this kitchen has a modern look but doesn’t completely lose it’s warmth.

Before Photos

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Design Concepts

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After Photos

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Scope of Work

Considering that this was a fairly small kitchen, the scope of work is not overly complicated. The main updates to this kitchen included, all new cabinetry, appliances, flooring, ceiling, and the movement of the patio door to make room for the new range area. The original brick exterior made moving the patio door the most difficult task. However, with some new wooden framing and lighting for the door, the area turned into a beautiful entry and exit for the kitchen.

Timeline, Challenges and Solutions

Project Start

April 11th, 2022

Estimated Completion

June 15th, 2022

Actual Completion

July 19th, 2022

This job went about a month over the original timeline. There was no single factor that added up to the timeline delay, but rather a few smaller delays. Some of these delays included: countertop and cabinet delivery taking longer than expected, difficulty moving the exterior door, and expansion of the original scope of the project due to change orders. Luckily, all of these problems were solvable with patience and creativity, meaning that these homeowners got their new kitchen as soon as possible!

Project Costs

Initial Budget: $61,784

Fixed Price Proposal: $70,832.68

Change Orders: $2,227.99

Final Project Cost: $72,610.67

Cost Details

The initial Good-Better-Best budget for this project was $61,784 while the final total was $72,610.67. The main reason for this price increase was material selections made by the homeowner during the design phase of the remodel. That brought the total up to $70,832.68. Finally the change orders after the final contract had been signed such as the new patio steps, lighting, and door trim, led the cost to rise to the final total of $72,610.67.

Cost Breakdown

  • Installation Labor 33% 33%
  • Fixtures and Materials 41% 41%
  • Design and Project Management 11% 11%
  • Overhead and Profit 11% 11%
  • Shipping and Sales Tax 4% 4%



In the kitchen, this homeowner went with the Evoke door style from Bellmont’s 1600 line in White paint. The cabinet pulls are Richelieu’s Contemporary Metal Pulls.


The countertops in the kitchen are Silestone’s Seaport Suede.


The new wood-look tile flooring in this kitchen is Daltile’s Resemblance in Natural finish.


The refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher in this kitchen are all Fisher & Paykel appliances.


Trade Partners

We’ve been developing relationships with quality trade partners for years. We tend to use the same subcontractors because we trust their work and have developed a great working relationship with them. This helps make projects run smoother.

Demo: Matheson Construction and Demo LLC

Plumbing: Capital Plumbing Contractors

Electric: Truevolt

Carpetry: CTR Custom Cabinet Built-Ins and Trim

Drywall: Hawkins Drywall

Painting: A Different Stroke By Kenneth

HVAC: Watts Cooling Heating and Plumbing

Tile: Keys Tile

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