Redesigning a Bathroom To Increase Accessibility - $63,800

We redesigned this bathroom to increase the accessibility and to add functional storage. As this couple ages in place, they needed a bathroom that worked for them now and in the future.

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The main goal of redesigning this bathroom was to increase the accesibility and to add functional storage. These clients were concerned about the accessibility of the space as they aged in place in their home.

We removed the existing linen closet and  added tall linen cabinets with adjustable rollouts. This not only increased  the functionality and accessibility of their storage but allowed us to widen the walkway between the vanity and the entrance to the shower in case a wheel chair was needed  in the future. 

Design Services & Material Project Cost


Good Better Best Budget: $63,000

During our original design and budget consult we created a design that met all of their needs and fit their budget. 


Final Contract Price:  $63,800

The final contract price came in slightly over budget due to the cabinetry quote coming in a little higher than expected. While our spreadsheet is usually quite accurate, every cabinet door style and finish has a slightly different cost associated with it. Until we get the quote back, we can only guesstimate the costs of the cabinetry. 


Change Orders: $31,000

Once this project started, the clients decided to add on a few other projects to increase the accessibility throughout their entire home.

They decided to continue their engineered hardwood floors in their living room into their kitchen, sunroom and laundry room. This allowed us to eliminate the majority of any flooring transitions. While we were doing the flooring, we also removed some decorative columns in their dining room in case there was ever a need for wheelchair accessibility. We added a set of wide french doors leading out to their sunroom as well.

Lastly, we added a couple of small updates to their master bathroom. We stripped the wall paper and had the bathroom painted. We also replaced their toilet with a comfort height toilet. 


Final Project costs: $94,800

These add on’s increased their project costs by approximately $31,000 bringing the total project cost to $94,800.

Redesigning A Bath For Accessibility

Picture of the tall linen cabinets after the remodel

Picture of the shower view after the remodel

Design Project Goals


  • Make the space accessible for current and future needs
  • Add functional/accessible storage
  • Add adjustable rollouts
  • Update the general apperance
  • Make finishes non-slip

Flooring, Doors & Column Removal:

  • Reduce the number of flooring transitions 
  • Remove columns for future wheelchair accessibility needs
  • Increase home value and aesthetic appeal
  • Update and widen doorway in sunroom

Master Bath:

  • Make the toilet higher and easier to use
  • Update the general look by removing dated wall paper 

Fixtures and Materials Used

Bathrooms & Flooring:

  • Cabinets are the 1600 series using the Firma doorstyle in the Barnside color from Bellmont Cabinets
  • All of the cabinet hardware came from Richelieu 
  • Quartz Countertops from Cambria, the color is a staff favorite called Annica
  • Vanity faucets, sconce lights, bath fan, toilet, and all shower fixtures were  ordered from 
  • All of the bathroom tile is  from Emser
  • New flooring from our local flooring company, Brian Barnard’s Flooring America 


The challenge to this project was matching their 15 year old existing flooring. Luckily after some serious searching around Tallahassee, we found a perfect match! One thing that is important to be aware of is color variance near windows and doorways. It can be extremely difficult to blend new flooring with old in these areas. We recommend asking your installer before attempting a project like this. 

Our Favorite Things:

  • The vanity countertop! This is our showroom manager’s absolute favorite color by Cambria. 
  • The look and  feel  of the same flooring throughout the entire home. 
  • The huge span of tall linen cabinets  and the adjustable rollouts
  • The open feel that removing the columns provided. 

Project Details

Redesigning the Bathroom To Be Accessible 

Originally the bathroom had an okay layout but with a few tweaks we made it much more accessible.

We removed the linen closet and added several tall linen cabinets. Tall cabinets take up less space and provide more functional and accessible storage. Adding rollouts makes this even more so!

Adding the linen cabinets allowed us to widen the walkway between the vanity and the entrance to the shower. If these clients ever need a wheel chair, they will now be able to wheel in and wheel  out with ease.

Another thing we considered heavily in the design phase was which tile  to choose. With our clients growing accessibility issues, slippery flooring and fixtures was a large concern. We picked a 2×2 matte mosaic tile for the flooring. Our goal was to provide a more grippy surface with slip free texture.

Before Photos

Design Photos

During Photos

After Photos

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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326