Roll In Shower Remodel – $28,000

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Pocket doors, a curbless shower and high end finishes are the focal points of this bathroom remodel.

Kathy’s master bath was outdated and lacked natural light.  The swinging doors for the closet and bath took up valuable bedroom space. By installing pocket doors, a larger window in the bath and a curbless shower we made the bathroom much more functional and Kathy’s choice of high end materials and fixtures added style and beauty to the room.

Goals for the Project

 Open Up Shower, add storage niches

 More Natural Light in Bath

 Install Pocket Doors

Unfortunately we did not get any final pictures of the project, Kathy wanted to paint the bath herself to save a bit of money and we wanted to wait until it was complete to take the photos. I went to visit Kathy recently and spent a couple hours with her on the back deck chatting and having a beer… and still forgot to take the photos!

Bathrooms are really hard to take pictures of because they are usually small spaces. You need a really wide angle lens and some good lighting to really get a great photo. These were all taken with smartphones so they are not great, but the give you and idea of the project.

Here is picture of the new shower, almost complete



The new window we installed really helped lighten up the bathroom and adds extra ventilation if needed. The previous window did not open and was very small.


The granite top and toilet were real budget busters. The smooth sides to to toilet make it very easy to clean which is a plus, Kathy fell in love with the granite top the moment she saw the slab and had to have it!

We saved money in other areas by reusing the old medicine cabinet and mirror (after cutting it down to a smaller size) and letting Kathy paint the bath herself.



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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326