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Please note that we are hiring motivated, career minded individuals only. If you are not interested in growing with our business for the long term please do not apply. Read the job description below carefully, a link to the application form is at the end of the page.

From Remodeler’s Assistant to Lead Remodeler in 6 Months

We are looking to hire people who want a career in remodeling, specifically kitchen and bath remodeling. We are a growing company and there is opportunity for all kinds of rewarding work for the right candidate(s).

Having a good culture fit is very important to us and we do not want to put anyone in a salaried or leadership position unless they have worked for the company starting from an entry level.

So we are hiring for a Remodeler’s Assistant (RA) position. The RA will work side by side with the owner on projects for the next 3 – 6 months while learning our operations and company philosophy. After 6 months it is expected the RA will be promoted to Lead Remodeler.


Pay starts at $12 – $14 an hour with an increase of up to $1 an hour scheduled every month for the first 6 months. After 6 months, provided your work evaluations are positive and you fit the culture of our company, we will promote you to a Lead Remodeler position and place you on salary. We would also hire an assistant for you to begin training as well. 

  • We work a 30 to 40 hour week depending on the project cycle we are in. We believe in work life balance and schedule projects accordingly. We generally do not work weekends or past 5 pm on weekdays.
  • We believe in providing educational opportunities and travel to local trade shows to improve product knowledge and understanding of our industry.
  • We have a health insurance subsidy available to salaried employees and two weeks paid leave after your first year (we also take off the week from Christmas to New Years and most major holidays).
  • Our number one goal is to provide the highest value we can to our customers but to that means investing in our employees and making giving them the opportunities they deserve.

Our Ideal Candidate Will Have: 

  • Experience in at least two of these trades:
    • Painting
    • Tile Installation
    • Carpentry (rough, trim or cabinet installation)
    • Drywall
  • Have at least some education after high school…
    • college or community college
    • trade school
    • certificate programs
  • Enjoy Design and Product Selection
  • Be Good with Customers
  • Good with computers, work well with mobile devices
    • Most of our project management and scheduling is done online so being good with technology is very important to us
    • You don’t have to know everything but the ability to learn new programs quickly is a plus
  • Valid drivers license, reliable transportation and cell phone
    • I wish this went without saying but in this industry you have to be sure.
    • We’d prefer you have a pick up truck or vehicle that can tow a trailer
    • We prefer you have a cellphone from a major carrier, not a track phone.

We find that many people in the construction industry undervalue “soft skills” like organization, dust control, communication skills, dealing with the client, managing sub contractors, design work, computer work etc… For us they are just as important as your ability to lay tile or hang a door.

We don’t expect you to have every skill listed above but the more you have the better candidate you will be. Whether you have all the skills listed above or not,  if you are hired you will be expected to learn them.

Common tasks you will be asked to learn / perform:

  • Job site set up, dust control and clean up
  • Daily Job reporting (taking pictures, writing work log etc…)
  • Managing project schedule
  • Manage sub contractors
  • Pick up and deliver materials
  • Kitchen and Bath Demo,
  • Shower construction and waterproofing
  • Tile Installation,
  • Framing and door installation
  • Cabinet Installation,
  • Punch List tasks

 Equipment  and Tools Needed:

  • Clean clothes for each day on the job
    • Shirts with no logos or print except our company logo
    • We recommend bringing two or 3 clean shirts to work each day
    • Shorts or Pants that are stained with paint, thinset, mud etc… are not acceptable
  • Appropriate shoes
    • flat soles with little to no tread
    • Comfortable, easy to remove
  • Personal safety gear
    • Ear Protection
    • P100 Dust Mask
    • Eye Protection
  • Basic hand tools
    • Tape measure, pencil, pencil sharpener
    • Utility knife and spare blades
    • Multi Screwdriver
    • 5 in one tool

How to Apply:

  • Visit our website and learn about our company

Please Do Not call or email us, we will contact you after reviewing your application


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