August 11, 2016

Sub Contractor Requirements and Application

Review Our Sub Contractor Manual

Please read our complete Sub Contractor Manual and Agreement before You click apply at the bottom of this page.

It is long and its not exactly Harry Potter but it contains information that is important to us and to you including the agreement we will ask you to sign before becoming a MKB sub contractor.

Review Our Sub Contractor Manual: MKB SubContractor Manual

Our Sub Contractor Requirements:


All contractors will maintain current insurance policies and provide Certificate of Insurance for Commercial Liability and Worker’s Compensation for all employees, as outlined in our Sub Contractor Manual


Present a reference list of Three owners and/or contractors, complete with phone numbers, which you have worked for within the past two (2) years.

Work History and Experience

Provide a list of qualifications, including experience and history.

Read and Accept Our Sub Contractor Manual 

MKB SubContractor Manual


Sub Contractors Click Here to Apply

Please Do Not call or email us, we will contact you after reviewing your application