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Kitchen and Bath Virtual Reality Designs

A Kitchen Design Rendered Using Our Design Software – Click Image to View in 3D

Virtual Reality Designs 

View on Smart Phone, Desktop or with Google Cardboard VR Glasses!

Our design software allows us to create virtual reality designs of our kitchen and bathroom projects. The designs can be viewed on a desktop, smartphone or by using VR glasses.

We have VR glasses in our showroom and will send you home with a pair so you can view your design in 3D when we send it to you. If you own a pair of Google Cardboard 3D glasses you can use those as well.


Our VR Glasses

What Can It Do?

Viewing a kitchen or bathroom design in 3D is very fun and we think it helps our customers better understand their new layout.

That said, the software is a bit limited right now. For example, you can’t “walk around” the virtual room or open doors and cabinets but we are working towards making that happen.

Currently what we can do is choose a location in the design from which a 3D image is created. You can then view the design in 3D from that point. You can look up, down, turn around… it’s pretty cool!

In the near future we will be adding equipment and software that will allow you to overlay the design on in you current kitchen and actually walk around the room and interact with the design!

How to Use the Virtual Reality Designs

At the bottom of this post are several sample designs you can click to view on a desk top, smart phone or using Google Cardboard. You can purchase your own Google Cardboard glasses for as little at $15 but if you get a design done by McManus Kitchen and Bath we will send you home with a pair for free.

On a Smartphone

  1. Click the link on your smart phone
  2. Tilt your phone to move around the room

On a Desktop

  1. Click the link to open the virtual reality design
  2. Use your mouse to click and drag around the room

Using Google Cardboard

  1. Click the link on your phone
  2. Click the VR Glasses Icon at the bottom of the screen to switch to VR View
  3. Insert your phone into the Google Cardboard glasses
  4. Move your head or turn your body to view the entire design – don’t forget to look up at the ceiling and down at your feet!

Click a link below to view these Virtual Reality Designs:

Small Kitchen

Medium Bath

Medium Kitchen

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