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Whole Home Remodeling and Design

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Homes Need To Change

Small bathrooms and kitchens, lack of storage space and outdated plumbing, electric and mechanical systems are common issues in older homes that need to be resolved. Even in new homes bad design abounds and remodeling is needed to correct them. 

Of course you can remodel your home one room at time and many people do. But even if that is your plan starting with a whole home remodeling plan first can save you from misteps and regrets.


Whole Home Remodeling Vs Building A New Home

A lot of people debate whether to build a new home rather than remodel an old one. Building new used to be a better options but as Tallahassee has grown there are fewer lots located close to town and they are getting expensive.

Older homes are usually located in well established neighborhoods with a rich history and close to shopping and services. They usually provide a better sense of community and place. Whole home remodleing is becoming a better option for most people.

If you plan to remodel the home you are living in or plan to buy an older home to remodel hiring a deisgn build contractor like McManus Kitchen and Bath is a great choice. 

Need Ideas To Help You Plan Your Next Project

Whole Home Remodeling: How We Work

The process for a whole home remodel starts the same as our other projects. If you want an addition to your home as part of the remodel we just need to add an extra step.

Discovery Call and Consult

We start with a discovery call to learn more about your project and tell you a little about us and how we work. If we decide we are a good fit for each other we will schedule a design and budget consult (read more about that here).

After your consult you’ll have a detailed budget and 3D concept for your kitchen remodel. The next step is to approve your budget so we can move into the design process.

Home Additions

If you want an addition to your home as part of your project we have two choices. We can roughly estimate the cost of the addition for the purposes of creating your budget or we can have drawings done so we can estimate it more exactly.

Having drawings done will add time and cost. We can discuss those options during your discovery call.

Spending Time in Design

If you plan to live in your home while it is being remodeled careful planning is needed. We often do whole home remodels in stages to make things easier.

The design process is similar to a kitchen or bath project except longer. If an home addition is needed we will start by getting the drafting work done and talking to an engineer about any structural issues for framing and foundation work. We’ll also start the permit process to make sure there won’t be any issue with thigns like set back or egress.

We start with an overall plan to make sure we create a cohesive design and include accessible deisgn elements throughout the home. This global plan is updated throughout the process.

The kitchen and bathrooms usually take the most work so we start with those and work through them one by one. While its natural to want to jump right into picking colors, doors styles and fixtures but before we do that we want to talk about how you use your kitchen and bathrooms, how others use them and decide on the best layout and workflow. This becomes the “bones’ of the design and we layer fixtures, colors and patterns on top of that.

A home with ‘good bones’ is timeless and will serve you well for decades, even as trends come and go.

No Allowances, No Unexpected Delays

A common mistake when tackling a large project like whole home remodeling is using allowances instead of choosing all materials up front. Starting the project without all materials selected inevitably leads to delays and increased costs.

There are enough unknowns in remodeling without introducing more. We make all material selections in design, down to the last light switch. We then order everything and store it in our warehouse until the project starts. That way there are no delays due to backorders, shipping damages or mistakes.

Keeping You In The Loop

Once design is done there is waiting period until the project starts. It can take 12-20 weeks to get cabinets and other fixtures. During this period we will send you regular updates to let you know that things are on track, what materials have arrived and what we are still waiting for.

About Three weeks before your home remodeling project starts your project manager will schedule a Pre-Construction meeting with you at your home to discuss site prep, the project calendar and what to expect during the first week of the project.

Managing the project

Your project calendar, created during design,  will outline what to expect every day of the project. Your project manager also sends you updates each day using daily logs in our project portal.  These daily logs are sent at least three times a day:

  • at 8 am to let you know who to expect on site that day and what will be done.
  • Mid day when your project manager is on site they will do a daily log with progress pictures
  • At the end of the day they will update you on what got done and the plan for the following day or days.

Whole Home Remodeling With McManus Kitchen and Bath

In 2015 we decided to open our own showroom with the goal of simplifying the kitchen remodeling process. It was a lot of work and we learned a lot of hard lessons in those first few years but the end result has been fantastic.

The design build approach has allowed us to create better designs and bring a much higher level of service to our clients.

Having A Showroom Changed Everything

  • Saves time and elimiates unecessary project delays
  • Avoids mistakes when buying materials and fixtures
  • Provides a great environment to meet, collaborate and enjoy the process!

We have access to everything you might need for remodel in our showroom. But if we don’t have exactly what you want we also work with other showrooms and vendors in town.

Kitchen Cabinetry

All of our cabinets are made in the USA from quality materials and meet strict KCMA standards for durability.

We do offer cabinets at different price points and will outline your options when we review the Good Better Best budget for your project.

We carry cabinets from Bellmont, Kith, Jay Rambo, and Holiday Kitchens.

Kitchen Countertops

We carry laminate, wood, corian and stone countertops. Quartz countertops are the most popular option for kitchens and Corian the most popular for bathrooms.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

We carry tile from Emser, SomerTile, Dal Tile and Crossville Tile. Backsplash tile, shower wall tile, floor tile… No matter what your tile needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Kitchen Flooring

If tile flooring is not for you, we also carry engineered wood and luxury vinyl plank (aka LVP). LVP flooring is fast becoming one of the most popular options thanks to its durability and beauty.

Plumbing Fixtures and Lighting

We carry some of the more popular options in our showroom but we’ll also help you explore other options online and with our local partners.