11 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

11 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Knowing the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes beforehand can help you keep your project running smoothly.

You start every morning in your bathroom, but is it a space you enjoy being in? Remodeling can transform your space into the bathroom of your dreams. However, while the bathroom is usually a relatively small room, a bathroom remodel is much more than a simple task. Even a small mistake could derail your project.

Knowing the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes beforehand can help you keep your project running smoothly.

1. Not Planning

It may sound cliché to say this, but in every project, whether small or big, planning is everything! A lack of planning may lead to wasted time, materials, and money.

Your plan should factor in the measurements, materials needed, shipping times, estimated costs, estimated completion time, and your personal preference.

Without a clear plan, your remodeling project can get out of hand, leaving you with a space that doesn’t satisfy your needs. Never start remodeling without a detailed plan.

So, whether you’re replacing some old, worn-out tile or renovating your entire bathroom, you need a clear plan.

2. Not Sticking to Your Budget

Another big mistake you can make when remodeling your bath is failing to stick to your budget. To avoid going over your planned budget, you should do prior research on the cost of the different products you’ll need during remodeling. Don’t forget about the cost of tools too.

The cost of different materials such as tiles, paint, and faucets, etc., vary from one brand to another. So you should go for a brand that’s in line with your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, avoid fancy things which are often expensive; go for something simpler that’ll still serve the purpose.

When planning your budget, remember to add about 20% of your estimated cost as a contingency to cater to unforeseen expenses

3. Valuing Looks Over Function

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to our bathroom space. But one mistake you can make during bathroom remodeling is valuing looks over function. Typically, it’s advisable to plan the layout first before coming to the design.

In your layout, ensure that the toilet isn’t the first thing you lay your eyes on when you enter the bathroom. This doesn’t mean you need to have a separate room for your toilet, but it means you should plan your layout carefully to reduce the dominant presence of the toilet in your bathroom. You can try tucking it behind the door.

Plan your bathroom based on the functionality of the available items. Also, avoid cramming too much in your bathroom. It can be tempting to go for every fitting that makes all your dream bathroom ideas come true, but you should always consider the size of your room.

4. Skimping on Storage

A bathroom needs plenty of room for the storage of toiletries, towels, and cleaning products. You can forgo cupboards and cabinets and store everything in separate areas of your house, but for sure, the trips back and forth when using the bathroom will be tiresome.

When remodeling, try to invest in fitted furniture. Choose clever storage solutions such as mirror cabinets to make much out of your space. Remember everything in your bathroom needs a home to keep it clean and reduce clutter.

5. Not Planning for Proper Drainage

Barrier free shower

Drainage issues can be the biggest problem especially if the leveling isn’t right. Pay much attention to tilling to avoid this mistake.

When installing the tiles, install with a slight slope to ensure that all the water drains properly.

A poorly drained bathroom is annoying and also makes your bathroom more prone to water damages over time. There is nothing worse than a shower that doesn’t drain properly!

6. Overlooking Proper Lighting

If you always get ready in your bathroom, you’ll want the best lighting to avoid frustration when doing your morning routine.

Exterior windows allow entry of natural light, providing an added boost to the overhead lights. You should get the help of a certified electrician to install the overhead lights in your bathroom. They will advise on the best lighting options depending on the laid down regulations.

7. Neglecting Proper Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is one of the small details that most homeowners forget to highlight when remodeling their bathroom.

Without proper ventilation, the humidity will get trapped in enclosed spaces over time. This will create a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which will affect your plumbing, paint, and grout.
For proper ventilation, you can invest in bath fans and humidity sensing fans, and switches. Always check the fans to ensure they are ideal for bathroom use. Besides, the fan shouldn’t be too noisy or overly large for your space.

8. Choosing the Wrong Paint

Bathrooms are meant to get wet and have a humid atmosphere. For this reason, when remodeling your bathroom, you should go for paint that can withstand humid and wet conditions. So, consider using a mold and mildew-resistant paint over the regular paint.

Also, it would be best if you use an oil-based primer before repainting your bathroom. It helps cover up any stains, creates an even base, and prevents the paint from peeling off. Remember to get good quality paint in a color that you love.

9. Underestimating Timeline and Cost

The bathroom being a smaller room doesn’t necessarily mean smaller expenses and quick projects. Once the project starts, you never know what to find behind the walls and what additional time and cost you’ll need to add to your project.

Never underestimate the time and cost you have set aside for the remodeling. The bottom line is, you should budget for 10-15% more than your estimated costs and be prepared to run past the estimated completion date.

10. Overlooking Permits

In some states, when you are moving plumbing or walls, you’ll need a permit from the local authorities. So, before starting your remodeling project, ensure you get all the necessary permits to avoid falling into the wrong hands of the law and risking hefty fines that may add to your overall remodeling costs.

With the correct permits, you’ll be sure that there will be no roadblocks from the authorities, and your project will flow smoothly to the end.

You can read more on permits for remodeling projects here.

11. Overestimating Your Skills

Bathroom remodeling may look easy because bathrooms are small but messing with plumbing is no joke. Some remodels can be tricky for DIY and may require technical skills.

Getting professional help goes a long way in giving a seamless project that produces your desired results. And while hiring a professional may seem expensive for such a small project, it saves the remodeling headaches and ensures everything is done professionally.

Professionals will advise you on the best layout based on your space, quality materials to use, and the laid down remodeling guidelines.

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Bottom Line

There are a lot of scary remodel stories out there from homeowners who made the above mistakes during remodeling. You may hear some of them say, “The bathroom remodel went well and it looks good, but I wish I’d done this or that.”

So, to be on the safe side and run a smooth bathroom remodeling project, you should avoid the mistakes discussed above. Good luck with your bathroom remodeling!

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