March 1, 2018


A Design+Build Company

Remodeling Made Simple.

Design, product selection and construction expertise all under one roof

A Design+Build Company

Remodeling Made Simple

Design, product selection and construction expertise all under one roof.

Design+Build Remodeling Contractor with a Full Service Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Get Rid of Everyday Frustrations

Eliminate Clutter – Improve Accessibility – Update Worn Out Surfaces

Does this sound familiar?

… “I love my neighborhood but I hate my home, it’s embarrassing” … 

… “I’m tired of everything looking dirty no matter how much I clean…

…“I need to do something but I’m not sure even where to start” … 

… “This clutter is driving me crazy, I just don’t have time to deal with it” … 

… “I got several quotes and each one is very different from the other, I don’t understand why” …

Don't wait to have a home you love

It’s normal to want to love the place that we spend most of our time and reasonable to expect it can be done without hassle and frustration.

Here's How To Get Started

We start with a simple 15 minute phone call. Then we’ll schedule a home visit so we can talk further and take some measurements.

Paul McManus Owner of McManus Kitchen & Bath in Tallahassee FL Kitchen Cabinets Tallahassee

“From your initial home visit to our final walk through, the whole process is well thought out, easy to follow and stress free. We call it Livable Remodeling

Paul McManus, Owner

Yeah, we know we're not exactly curing cancer

We know that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom won’t solve all the world’s problems (it’d be awesome if it did though!)

But here's the thing...

When we are at our happiest and best, we can do the MOST to help improve the world around us. Making your home a source of comfort and enjoyment frees you to focus on more important things… like just maybe making the world a better place.

Ashley Design Assistant for McManus Kitchen & Bath in Tallahassee FL

Ashley, Designer

“Every meeting has a specific goal so you know exactly what to expect each time we meet.”

How We Do It: Livable Remodeling

Start with An Accurate Budget

Accurate to within 3% over our last 20 projects.

Thoughtful Design and Planning

Every detail is considered and approved prior to construction. 

Build Clean, Without Interruption

No unnecessary delays and a clean, organized job site. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Bespoke designs that are specific to your needs and style. No cookie cutter kitchens here!

Bathroom Remodeling

 Whether you’re interested in a barrier free bathroom, functional kids bath or a luxury spa experience our team can make it happen.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing is a great way to update your kitchen cabinets without removing your countertops.

Whole Home Remodeling

Our liveable remodeling process is perfect for whole home remodels.

The Good Better Best Budget: A Planning Tool You Can Count On

bathroom remodeling estimate


Estimates are ‘educated guesswork’ that are done by a contractor and then sent to you so you can try and interpret what’s included. They are rarely complete or accurate.



Kitchen remodeling estimate


What we do instead is create a detailed scope of work and Good Better Best budget . We’ll review and revise your budget on your first visit to our showroom. Our GBB budget has been accurate to within 3% over our last 20 projects.

Andrew Bryner Project Manager at McManus Kitchen & Bath Tallahassee FL

Andrew,Project Manager

“Planning is critical to a smooth running project. I’m on site daily to make sure things are going according to plan “

A Peek Into Our Design Process

kitchen design


Get Inspired (forget about “what’s your style”)

Personal design tends to be a little eclectic. Focus on things you love. We’ll help you tie it all together.



Liveable Remodeling


Nail the Layout 

NKBA and Universal Design standards are used to optimize things like counter space, durability, workflow and accessibility.




Kitchen Remodeling


Pick a Focus 

This is where the “wow” comes from and where the functional and aesthetic parts of the design start to come together.

Caitlyn Lead Kitchen Designer at McManus Kitchen and Bath in Tallahassee FL

Caitlyn, Designer

“Ask the right questions and then listen. That’s the foundation of good kitchen and bath design.”

Livable Remodeling Home Remodel Build CleanAir Quality During Your Project

Remodeling dust is more than a nuisance, it can be dangerous. Lead, silica, insect dander and other particulates can cause problems for people and pets.

Without proper measures in place homes being remodeled have 5 to 8 times the amount of dust in the air as usual. There’s nothing livable about that!

We take every step possible to ensure your home remains clean and dust free during your project. Its our livable remodeling promise.

Remodel with McManus Kitchen and Bath

Save time with our design+build approach

Create a GBB Budget

There is no better way to start planning your project than with our Good Better Best budget (GBB).

Design and Plan with Experts

Save time, have fun and eliminate miscommunication by following our design+build process. 

Livable Remodeling

Build Clean, without interruption. A worry free remodeling experience from start to finish.