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Remodeling your home without one point of contact can be confusing, costing you months of time, money wasted and a great deal of frustration.

Instead of having to search for a contractor, designer, and all your materials separately you can work with the professionals at McManus Kitchen and Bath and save time, money and actually enjoy the remodeling experience. 

If you’re serious about remodeling your home  you can start by scheduling a design and budget consult to get a 3D rendering of your design and a Good Better Best Budget. 


What Do You Need Done?

We solve your remodeling problems big and small

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Updates Before Moving In or To Get Ready To Sell

We can help with high value updates to help you sell your home or organize quick improvements before you move in using our design build approach to save you time and simplify the process. 

Contact us for a consult.

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'Pull & Replace' Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Want to keep the same layout but improve storage, reduce clutter and update the look of your home?

We’ve got lots of options for you.

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Custom Kitchen, Bath or Whole Home Remodel

Want to rethink everything, customize your home to your needs and elevate your design from good to great?

Our interior design team is here to make your dreams come true!

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Start with A Design and Budget Consult

The fastest, most accurate way to start planning your project. 

Estimate from a Remodeling Contractor

Get A 3D Concept & Good-Better-Best Budget 

We’ll have your renderings and budget ready within 7 days of your home visit

McManus Kitchen and Bath

Our Designers Help Your Focus on What’s Important and Elimate Decsions Fatigue

Save time, money and your sanity. 

  • ZCurated Options for your to choose from
  • Z Save Money with Our Vendor Discounts
  • ZWe Order and Store Everything For You

Our Project Managers Handle Everything So You Can Relax and Enjoy The Process

Renovation with Fewer Complications

  • ZInvolved Early In The Design Process
  • ZWorks closely With Installers & Subs
  • ZHe Sends Daily Updates & Keeps things on Track

Want Some Inspiration In Your Inbox?

A Better Remodeling Process Means Faster Completion, Fewer Mistakes And No Cost Over Runs

We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the process as much as the result.

Concept & Budget

Our design and budget consult is how we create your intial concept and budget.

Once you approve your budget we move into the design process.

Design & Ordering

During design we will finalize your layout and select all your materails and fixtures.

Then we’ll order everything and store it our warehouse until the project starts.

On Site Construction

Your project manager is on site daily managing installers, keeping your home clean and making sure things are built to plan. He’ll send you daily updates through our online portal.

Follow Up & Warranty

Six months after your project is completed we like to check in to make sure no small adjustments are needed. 

We provide a 5 year warranty on all work. 

Our Kitchen and Bath Showroom

An inspiration gallery with unique products from both large companies and boutique vendors.

    Custom and Semi Custom Cabinet Options, Design Build Remodeling Contractor showroom

    Custom and Semi Custom Cabinetry

    Quarts, Corian and Store Countertops. Design Build Showroom

    Quartz, Wood and Stone Countertops

    Tile and Flooring in Design Build showroom

    Natural Stone, Tile, Flooring, Fixtures and more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Remodeling Contractors in Tallahassee

    How Long Does It Take To Get An Estimate?

    We can usually schedule a your initial consult within a week or two of your call.

    Our consult process consists of a home visit to get measurements followed by a showroom visit where we review your Good Better Best budget and 3D concept.

    We can usually schedule the initial home visit within a week of your call and the showroom visit about a week after that.

    So you will have a realistic budget and 3D concept for your project within 2 or 3 weeks of your initial call to us.

    Read more about our design and budget consult here.

    When Can the Project Start?

    The Design process can usually start with a few weeks of your initial consult. The design process typically takes 4-6 weeks.

    Then we need to order all your materials, which can take 4 – 6 weeks as well. We don’t like to start a project until we have the materials in the warehouse.

    With those factors in mind we usually start new projects between 4 adn 6 months after your initial consult.

    How Much Does a Remodel Cost?

    These are rough cost ranges for a complete remodel: All new cabinets, counters, backsplash tile, new flooring and lighting.

    • The lower end of the range would be for a pull and replace update with nothing moving.
    • The upper range  would be if you were moving walls, adding or moving plumbing and electric etc…

    Bathroom Remodeling

    • Hall bathroom remodeling costs range between  $25K – $40K+
      • 5 x 9 bath with small vanity and tub/shower:
    • Other small bathroom remodeling Costs range from $30K – $55K+
      • 5 x 12, two sink vanity, small shower, no tub, no separate toilet room
    • Larger bathroom remodeling costs range from $55K – $85+
      • 10 x 15, Large shower, separate toilet room, tub separate from shower, 2 sink vanity

    Kitchen Remodeling

    • Small kitchen remodeling costs range from $55K – $85K+
      • up to 200 sq ft, 30 sq ft of counter, 10-15 cabinets, no island.
    • Mid sized kitchen remodeling costs range from $65K – 95K+
      • 250-300 sq ft, 45 sq ft of counter, 15-18 cabinets, small island
    • Large kitchen remodeling costs range from $85K – $150K+
      • 300 sq ft +, 18-25 cabinets, large island, separate buffet, multiple sinks

    Whole Home Remodeling

    • Smaller home Remodeling costs range from $220K – $275K +
      • 1800 – 2200 sq ft
      • Kitchen Remodel,
      • Remodel 2 bathrooms
      • Whole house flooring
      • Whole house painting
    • Mid Sized home remodelng  costs range from $275K – $350K+
      • 2500 – 4000 sq ft
      • Kitchen Remodel
      • Remodel 2 bathrooms and powder room
      • Whole house flooring
      • Whole house painting
    • Large home remodeling costs range from $350K – $500K+

    In 2015 he opened the McManus Kitchen and Bath Showroom and started specializing in  kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

    Read more about us here

    Are You Expensive?

    I would say you don’t hire us for the lowest price, you hire us for the best experience.

    Our Good Better Best proposal will outline all the costs associated with your project, including our project management and design fees, so you can make an informed decision.

    It’s a very detailed and realistic budget that historically and proven to be accurate to within 7% of actual project costs.

    What You Can Expect From Us As Your Remodeling Contractor

    Expert Design & Material Selection

    Work with experienced designers to create your design and select all your materials & fixtures.

    Material Ordering and Delivery

    We order all your materials in advance and store them in our warehouse until they are needed on site.

    Dedicated Project Management

    During construction your project manager takes care of everthing so you don’t have to.

    A Clean, Safe Jobsite

    We use HEPA filters, dust barriers, floor and furniture protection and more to keep your home clean and safe during contruction.

    Great Communication

    Your online project portal gives you access to all your project details and makes communication easy.

    An Enjoyable Experience

    Our turn key, step by step approach simplifies the remodeling process so you can worry less and enjoy the experience.

    Quality Workmanship

    We work with the best installers and trade partners in Tallahassee.

    5 year Warranty

    We back all our work with an industry leading 5 year warranty and follow up process.

    Design Build Remodeling Contractor, Tallahassee

    McManus Kitchen and Bath is a design build remodeling contractor with a full service showroom right here in Tallahassee. We help homeowners update their home with a turn key process so you can enjoy the remodeling experience as much as you’ll enjoy the result.

    We start with a detailed and realistic budget. From there your designer will help you explore options, choose the perfect materials and create a final design specific to your needs.

    Once design is complete we order everything for you and store it until needed. Your dedicated project manager supervises all on site construction and makes sure your home stays clean and safe throughout the project.