3 DIY Kitchen Upgrades That Won’t Break Your Budget

Kitchen Remodel

White Quartz Counters Highlight beautiful cabinetry

One of the most used rooms in the home, the kitchen is on everyone’s remodeling bucket list. A complete kitchen remodel can cost $25,000 or more and not everyone is in a position to invest that much money into their home.
If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen on a budget its best to focus on the things you use most or that have a big visual impact on the kitchen.

These 3 kitchen upgrades can be done in a weekend and can make your kitchen look at function great.

Butcher Block Counter Tops

Kitchen Upgrades: Butcher Block Counters

Many people are installing stone counter tops, granite or quartz being the most popular materials. But at cost of $3000 or more for a 10×10 kitchen it is a big budget item. Its also not DIY friendly, stone counters need to be fabricated using special tools and techniques.

A great alternative that is rapidly becoming popular are butcher block counter tops. Butcher block tops start at around $400 for a 12 ft counter so an a 10 x 10 kitchen could be done for under $1000. They look beautiful and are very functional, they stand up to water, heat and heavy use well.


Tile Back Splash

Kitchen Upgrades: Back splash

A great introduction to tiling and a great way to upgrade the look of your kitchen is to install a tile back splash. Even if you are intimidate by tile work there are peel and stick options that look great too. Back splash tile can be installed for as little a $125, more expensive tiles might run $300 for a 10×10 kitchen.


New Faucet and Sink

The Galley Sink

Slightly more expensive but well worth the cost. If you haven’t changed you kitchen faucet in a while you might be very happy with an upgrade. A good stainless steel kitchen sink costs $300 or more and you can expect to pay a similar amount for a kitchen faucet.


Paul McManus