6 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2021

6 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2021

After a long year of working from home and turning to home renovations to fill the empty boredom, a few kitchen remodeling trends have taken root in 2021. While some trends are commonplace, others are new and surprising.


Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Natural Light

The best way to light a kitchen is with natural light. A 2020 trend that has carried into 2021 is a love and appreciation for natural light rather than artificial. Whether it be adding windows to the kitchen or removing the closed drapes, this natural light is a trans-formative kitchen trend that incites a sense of openness and breathability. The more natural light, the better.


drawer storage Kitchen Remodeling Trends

More Storage

The past trend of leaving cookware on the countertops has long passed. In 2021, the trend is open, clean counter-tops. The space-saving trend of increasing storage allows smaller appliances to be stored rather than displayed, enhancing the effect of the purposely displayed decorations. For smaller kitchens, DIY remodeling has brought many interesting ideas and styles to kitchens. Adding additional storage is a kitchen remodeling trend that will enhance the practicality and usability of the kitchen.


kitchen remodeling trends

Artistic Details

The cleaner countertops and uncluttered kitchen make room for the trend of art. 2021 is the year for artistic expression and appreciation, and this kitchen trend follows that way of thinking. This art can come in the form of small counter-top sculptures or wall-mounted paintings. While adding art may be a simple and relatively cheap renovation, it adds sophistication to the room.


copper farm front sink

Matte Fixtures Finishing

Rather than shiny silver appliances taking attention away from the key focal points of the kitchen, a 2021 trend is to give the appliances and countertops a matte finish. The trending matte finish is a kitchen remodeling strategy that focuses on visual appeal rather than practicality. This trend contrasts with the past preferences of shiny, stainless-steel appliances. It eliminates the distraction of appliances and allows the focus of the kitchen to rest on the decorations and hard work instead.


Full Room 1 Kitchen Update After

New Cabinet Colors and Door Materials

Entirely white kitchens have become a thing of the past. In 2021, colored wood cabinets are the popular choice. Depending on the decorative preference, people have opted into stained or vibrantly colored cabinets rather than white ones. The 2021 need for practicality is reflected by this trend. Rather than white cabinets, easily stained by kitchen use, the colored cabinets make spills and stains easier to handle.
Larger Kitchen Islands

Another practical kitchen trend is a larger kitchen island. Allowing for more cooking space, storage, and possibly even a secondary sink, larger kitchen islands have been a staple of the 2021 kitchen. Elongating the kitchen island is a kitchen remodeling strategy to break up the kitchen while still allowing an open floor plan.

Many of the 2021 kitchen trends have practicality and decorative flare that allows for a clean, artistic kitchen atmosphere. Some may be basic staples of a kitchen and popularized ideas, but overall, the 2021 kitchen is different than ever before. Now is the best and most practical time to remodel the kitchen.

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