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We’re Unpretentious, Down to Earth and Solution Focused.

We are guided by two beliefs:

    • Great design can turn every day chores into moments of joy.
    • The experience of a remodel is as important as the end result.

Great communication and planning are cornerstones of our process. It is the key to delivering great results. 

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About Us: Origin, Mission & Values

To know where we are going it helps to know where we’ve been. Remodeling has been a lifelong pusuit and we continue to work hard at improving our knowledge and level of service. If you are interest in our journey you can read the details here. 

Our Origin Story (click to expand)

The MKB origin story starts in the early 90’s when the owner, Paul McManus, was at the University of Florida studying Architecture. Paul had wanted to be an Architect since he was in middle school in Barre, VT.

Architecture school taught him two important things: That Archtecture was not his passion and that how we design and build the spaces we live in can have a huge impact on our day to day happiness.

Learning the Trades

To help pay for school he went to work for a painting contractor in the summer. By the end of the summer he was a foreman for the company and the next summer he started his own painting company, PJM Student Painting.

After graduating UF in 1994 he moved to Tallahassee and tried to work for several diffent companies but could not find the same satifaction as running his own company. So he restarted the painting company.

He spent summers travelling to different trade schools, like the Yestermorrow School, to learn more about construction and the painting company evolved into a handyman business and eventually a remodeling company.

Travel and Exploration

In 2001 Paul joined the Peace Corps and was away in Zambia for 4 years helping build wells and teachnig water and sanitation. It was an eye opening experience in many ways.

In 2004 he returned to the US, hiked the Appalachian trail as a way to ‘decompress’ and then returned to Tallahassee to restart the handyman business and study for his contractors license.  He got his residential contractors license in 2006.

In 2009 the travel bug bit again and Paul joined an international bicycle tour company as a tour guide running cross continental tours like Cairo to Cape Town and Shanghai to Istanbul. 

In 2014, after travelling to 38 different countries, Paul returned home to his work as a residential contractor. Extensive travel had transformed the way he thought about the world, including design and construction and it still influences him today.

The Evolution To Design Build

In 2015,  frustrated with limited design and material selecion options, and common issues like poor communication and delays from working with outside designers and vendors, Paul decided to open his own showroom, hire a full time designer and started providing services as a design build remodeling contractor.

Today McManus Kitchen and Bath has 7 full time staff, 9 trucks and trailers, 5000 square feet of warehouse, showroom and office space and completes 35-40 project each year for homeowners in Tallahassee.

The Future of McManus Kitchen and Bath

The growth of MKB has been a personal journey as well as buisiness one.

We’re focused on continuing to grow and improve to serve our clients better. Our staff attend several conferences and trainings each year to improve their skills and research new materails and techniques in remodeling.

In 2025 we intend to build a new, larger, showroom where we can include trade partners and an expanded show floor so we can offer an even better experience to our clients.

In the mean time we will continue to invest in the training and development of our staff and provide the best remodeling experience possible to every homeowner we work with.

Our Vision & Mission

The Vision

We want to see a world where homes are built to last for hundreds of years and are built in a way that makes them comfortable and accessible for people of all ages and ability with durable, sustainable materials that are easy to maintain, upgrade and replace.

By thinking about long term value, durablity and adaptablity we can design and build whole neighborhoods that will stand the test of time.

The Mission

The role we play in realizing that vision is simple. Help improve the lives of our clients by providing great design, quality workmanship and a worry free remodeling experience.

This means providing training for our staff and trade partners, sourcing quality materials and a focus on planning and project management.

We are also active in local building and government groups so we can learn from and share ideas with our peers. 

Our Core Values

These three tennants inform our decision making when it comes to how we treat each other and serve our clients.


With every interaction we either build or lose trust. Trust is built by doing what you promise and communicating quickly if you can not.

Trust requires good communication and setting clear expectations. Then working to exceed them whenever possible.

Trust mean treating clients, employees, vendors and subcontractors as partners and developing long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.


Continuous improvement, getting a little better every day with intention is an important part of a fufilling carreer and providing an excellent product or service.

Professionals seek to improve at all aspects of their work including cross training to work better with fellow staff and undertanding how you can support them better.

Through a combination of outside training, in house training and self directed learning we are constantly working to improve ourselves and become more expert in our roles at McManus Kitchen and Bath.


The experience of a remodel is just as important as the end result. Great communication and planning are cornerstones of our process.

To provide a remarkable experience we must first define expectations. This is done throughout the sales, design and production process with the client and our trade partners. Only when expectations are agreed upon can we aim to exceed them.

The Design Build Approach

What is Design Build?

A lot of companies call themselves “design build” but for us it means something very specific. 

It means have design experts, product experts and construction experts on staff to provide the best advice and experience. 

That why we provide a single place for all your remodeling needs. 

Our Team

We firmly believe people are happier and healthier when they have a well designed home that it is easy to care for and that makes their daily routine more enjoyable. 

Our team of trade partners, project managers, designers and support staff are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients with great design and a worry free remodeling experience.

Paul studied architecture at the University of Florida.  One of the key takeaways from that study was how the design of a space could change the way you feel, and even the way you live. This business and our clients are very important to me but I also enjoy travel and have visited more than 38 countries across the globe, many of them more than once. Travel has helped shaped my worldview and my design aesthetic.

Paul McManus

President and Owner

Brianna was a valued deisgner at McManus Kitchen and Bath for several years until finally deciding to realize her dream of running her own business.

She now owns and operates Brianna Browning Design with a mission is to create spaces that people can love and enjoy for years to come.

We love working with her and bring her in to consult on special projects,

Brianna Browning

Design Consultant

Sam is a Florida native who grew up in Tallahassee. He enjoys helping customers bring their project from an idea to a
reality. He has several years’ experience in Project Management and is excited to bring his passion, desire for
customer satisfaction and attention to detail to the team. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his
family and their two dogs.

Sam Burton

Project Manager

Originally from South Florida, Lindsey moved to North Florida 5 years ago and made the decision to call Tallahassee home. Lindsey brings with her over 17 years of experience in home improvement including design, project management and specialty/installed sales management. She is very excited to bring her wealth of knowledge and client-focused skills to the McManus Kitchen and Bath Team. In her downtime, Lindsey enjoys exploring her new hometown and the surrounding areas with her family.

Lindsey Simon

Design Assistant

Stephanie is originally from New Jersey and is a graduate of NJIT with a B.A. in Interior Design. After graduating in 2018, she worked at design/architecture firms in the tri-state area. She recently moved to Tallahassee in order to join the McManus team. She loves helping people create beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces where memories can be made.
Stephanie Jen


Elliot is a Florida State graduate and long time Tallahassee native with a passion for helping others and creating solutions that make a difference. He has several years experience in the construction industry, and is thrilled to pair innovation and integrity as part of the McManus team. When not at work, Elliot enjoys time with his mini pitbull Nayla, woodworking and spending time in the gym.

Elliot Holtom

Project Manager

Caitlin is  graduate of Florida State University, school of Architecture and Design. She has been working in the construction and design industry since 2014 and is passionate about merging activity and aesthetics.

Her experience includes not only residential but also commercial and hotel design. Her attention to detail has landed some of her designs in Magazine features, as well as the websites of her commercial projects.
 Her favorite part of the renovation process is helping clients bring their design goals and their lifestyles together to create spaces that optimize functionality as well as provide respite at the end of each day. 
Caitlin Tindell


Kevin was born and raised in the Tallahassee area and a graduate of Florida State University. With past experience in truss design and construction, his main objective is ensuring clients are thrilled with an updated and innovative kitchen or bathroom design. He loves spending time with his family in the outdoors and being an advocate for his special needs son.

Kavin Dawkins

Warehouse Manager

License and Insurance

Our Residential Contractors License

You can always make sure a license is up to date by visiting the Department of Professional Regulation’s website. We’ve made it easy for you by inlcuding our license and insurance certificates on this page.

2023/24 Residential Contractors License for McManus Kitchen and Bath

 Our Certificate of Insurance

We carry 3 types of insurance: General Liability, Commercial Auto and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Out General Liability Limits are $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 total.

2023/24 Certificate of Insurance for McManus Kitchen and Bath