Cabinet Storage Solutions For Your Next Remodel

Cabinet Storage Solutions For Your Next Remodel

Today, there are many cabinet storage solutions to choose from. There is a cabinet storage solution for everyone and for every problem. From pre-made to custom, there is a solution for you out there. But why does this matter in a kitchen and bath remodel?

With the increased need for storage in kitchen and baths, many homeowners are looking for more storage and organization options in their cabinetry. If you’re one of those homeowners, you may be looking for custom solutions that allow you to navigate your kitchen or bath with ease.

In this article, we’ll go over some different cabinet storage solutions to consider before your next remodel. Then, we’ll highlight the different brands that we reccomend.

Customize Your Kitchen Storage to Fit Your Needs

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Are your kitchen counters overflowing with things because you don’t know where to put them? Do you struggle to find things in your kitchen because they’re scattered all over the place? Is organization a struggle? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you might consider custom cabinet storage solutions.

There are different options you can choose from that meet your unique storage and organization needs, including:

Blind Corner Systems

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Blind corner units give you access to hard-to-reach spaces in your corner cabinets. There are many types of blind corner units, ranging from the classic lazy susan to rotating pullout shelves.

Pullout Shelves

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Pullout shelves for base cabinets allow you easy access to items in the back, especially in deep cabinets. This project used pullout shelves for easy access to their tall pantry cabinet.

Appliance Loft/Garage

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An appliance loft or garage offers a convenient place to store large appliances like mixers, blenders, and air fryers. They come with a door that you can easily open and close. As a result, those large, clunky appliances will be out of sight, freeing up precious counter space. But at the same time, you’ll have easy access to your appliances when you need them. In our showroom, this helps create a chic space for design meetings while maintaining the creature comforts of a working office.

Custom Pantry/Pantry Cabinets

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Having built-in shelving in your pantry is a great storage solution for any prospective remodeler. This homeowner built custom shelves into their previously empty pantry, but this solution can also be used inside of a custom cabinet.

Pullout Trash Can

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Want to hide unattractive trash cans and free up floor space? Upgrade your kitchen with pull out trash can! They come in all shapes and sizes, making them compatible with every space.

Cabinet With Pocket Doors

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Having a cabinet with pocket doors is a great way to extend your counter space when you need it. When closed, the cabinet is great for storage, but when open, the doors get out of the way and open up your space!

Pullout Appliances

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Mounted pullout appliances are one of our favorite flourishes for any kitchen remodel. Not only can they help remove clutter from your countertops, but they also help add functionality to the space and will be sure to wow your guests when they see them. 

Docking Cabinet

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Docking cabinets are defined by their power outlet in the back of the drawer. This outlet is customizable, so whether you want plugs, USB ports, or both, there is a docking drawer for you. These drawers help reduce clutter by keeping your items that need to charge or stay plugged in, such as a blow dryer or a hair straightener, off of your counters 

Cabinet Storage Solutions From a Variety of Brands

These are the cabinet brands that we use when looking for storage solutions for our clients remodels.

JSI Cabinetry

JSI Cabinetry offers high-quality wooden cabinetry with rich details and attractive finishes. More affordable than high-end custom cabinetry solutions, JSI still offers the opportunity to achieve a premium look. 

This is because JSI provides pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets, meaning the cabinets are manufactured before they reach your kitchen or bathroom. Instead of being built to your space’s exact specifications, they come in standard sizes. JSI also offers custom cabinetry, designed and built for your unique needs.

Cabinets from JSI feature: 

  • 100% solid wood construction
  • Extended dove-tail drawers
  • Soft-closing door and quality hardware for the drawers
  • High-quality finishes

Luxor Collection

Luxor Collection is a high-end cabinet manufacturer. The brand offers high-quality timeless cabinets that are built to last. This is made possible thanks to the high-quality hardware used inside these cabinets and drawers. Their cabinets come in a variety of selections, including:

  • Wood: Luxor’s collection of wood doors adds charm and character to your home. The richness and warmth of wood cabinetry can give your kitchen or bathroom a more inviting feel.
  • Serenity: The Serenity Collection offers a refined, minimalist design through its single piece construction. 
  • Odyssey: The Odyssey Collection has a five-piece construction, allowing for a natural appearance, reminiscent of wood.
  • Laminate: Luxor’s Laminate Collection offers a wide range of colors that mimic the look of wood. This creates a sleek, contemporary, and efficient kitchen or bathroom design.
  • Select Collection: You can get the kitchen or bathroom you want for less with the Select Collection. This collection of cabinetry offers great value at a more affordable price.

Decor Cabinets

Beauty, craftsmanship, professionalism, and care are the four words Decor Cabinets uses to describe their  products. Their custom cabinets come in more than 190 different finishes and many styles, such as contemporary, rustic, traditional, and transitional. So, you’re sure to find a style that matches your kitchen or bath’s aesthetic. 

If you choose Decor Cabinets for your kitchen or bath remodel, you’ll be delighted by their many offerings:

  • Custom bathroom vanities
  • Custom built-ins
  • Custom cabinet doors
  • Custom kitchen cabinets
  • Pantry design

Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Dura Supreme Cabinetry crafts beautiful cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. The brand offers an extensive array of configurations and modifications, allowing you to choose a kitchen or bath storage solution that’s tailored to fit your unique home or lifestyle. 

Their cabinets come in two main styles, including Crestwood Cabinetry and Bria Cabinetry. The Crestwood line features traditional American-style “framed construction”. 

Bria Cabinetry offers a frameless construction, with styles inspired by European design, blending high-tech with high fashion. These cabinets come in a wide range of choices, from traditional to chic contemporary.

Check out our article explaining the difference between framed and frameless cabinets for more info!

Dura Supreme Cabinetry takes great pride in crafting highly durable cabinetry that’s built to last in your kitchen or bathroom for a long time. They craft each piece in their state-of-the-art facility, which ensures quality, consistency, and a long-lasting finish.

Whether you want custom-built cabinetry designed for a specific need or purpose or are looking for a semi-custom storage solution to serve your most basic storage needs, Dura Supreme Cabinetry can handle the task.

Custom Wood Products (CWP)

CWP, short for Custom Wood Products, offers an extensive array of custom cabinet storage solutions for your kitchen or bath remodel. They have various door and drawer styles, and give you the flexibility to customize your storage solution with different configurations, including:

  • Styling options: You can customize door and drawer faces with enhanced panel options, wide stiles and rails, and square peg options.
  • Hinges: Hinge options include CLIPtop BLUMOTION, COMPACT BLUMOTION, and Demountable Hinge.
  • Overlays and insets: From a traditional framed cabinet appearance to a clean, seamless look reminiscent of European frameless cabinets, CWP gives you plenty of options for overlays and insets.
  • Drawer construction: CWP’s drawers and rollouts are built using the finest materials and construction methods, offering two types of joinery options, including the English Dovetail and the French Dovetail.
  • Drawer slides: CWP offers a wide variety of drawer slide configurations to fit your needs.
  • Edge styles: You can choose from an extensive selection of outside edge profiles for your kitchen or bath cabinets, from classic cut to beveled.

Find the Kitchen or Bath Storage Solution That Fits Your Space

At McManus Kitchen & Bath, we know how important storage and functionality is to you, as you design your new kitchen or bathroom. Evaluating cabinetry storage solutions that best suit your needs are key to making a final decision. 

That’s why we partner with a variety of cabinet manufacturers, so that you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best solution that allows you to optimize, maximize, and organize every valuable inch of your space. If you need help deciding which option is best for your kitchen or bath remodel, reach out to us today. We can recommend many options that will help you achieve your dream space.

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