8 Questions To Ask When Evaluating A Remodeling Estimate

Evaluating a remodeling estimate is not easy, especially if you do not have remodeling experience. You don’t know what you don’t know.

This guide outlines the basic things to look for in a quality estiamte.

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8 Questions To Ask When Evaluating An Estimate

1. How long is the estimate?

  • A detailed estimate is going to be at least 3 – 5 pages long.

2. What is included in the total?

  • It should be very clear what is included and what is not
  • Some things to look for:
    • Design services
    • Material selection services
    • Appliances
    • installation labor
    • installation materials
    • project management
    • Material Selections or Allowances
    • Debris removal
    • Permits

3. How Accurate is it?

  • It can be hard to assess labor costs but some quick googling should allow you to compare material costs.

4. What’s the next step?

  • What is the process for getting to a fixed price proposal ?
    • Is there a design and selections process?
    • Any more home visits needed?
  • Do they provide a fixed price proposal or do they do “Cost Plus” ?
    • Most construction lawsuits invovle cost plus contracts

5. How long to create the fixed price proposal?

  • How many design meetings to expect?
  • How long to collect bids?

6. When can the project start? 

  • What is the lead time for materials?
  •  How accurate is the start date?

    7. What is the payment schedule?

    • Are they based on project milestone (work complete)
    • Is there a final payment that is left until all work is done?

    8. Is there a warranty?

    • 1 year warranty is required by law
    • 3 – 5 years is ideal
    • What is included in the warranty?
    Remodeling Estimate

    What Should Be Included In A Remodeling Estimate:

    Before we get to the 8 questions, let’s review what information should be in a quality remodeling estimate. 

    1. Summary Section

    A paragraph or two at the very top that explains the scope of work in plan language and includes and special notes from the consult.

    2. General Items Section

    • Jobsite info, notes on set up and debris removal
    • Note on permits and building code issues
    • Notes on design work, material selecitons/allowances and plans
    • Notes on project management
    • Notes on timeline – time to design, plan, order materials  and proposed start date

    3. Labor Section (Scope of Work)

    • Itemized list of labor by trade
    • Shoudl include quantities (sq ft, linear feet, each)
    • Should have notes about installation standards and materails to be used

    4. List Installation Materials Included

    • Rough materails like drywall, thinset, etc..
    • In general any materiall that does not need to be selected by you should be included here.

    5. List of Selections or Allowances

    • Line item list including quatity and cost
    • Examples of materials that fit the allowance amount (so you know they are realistic)

    6. Cost summary 

    • Labor Cost Total
      • Subcontracted labor total
      • In house labor total
    • Material Cost Total
      • Rough material costs
      • Selections
    • Shipping and Tax
    • Project total

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