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Kitchen Cabinet Colors


There are lots of ways to add interest to your kitchen. Mixing different kitchen cabinet colors and finishes can really make an impression if done with some thought.

Adding color to your kitchen cabinets can also be functional. A pantry cabinet in an accent color stands out more and highlights it’s special purpose for example.You could also consider varying the height and depth of your cabinets and using color to accent that difference.

7 Ways to Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinet Colors

  1. Use a different color for the island
    • Also consider using a different counter top materials for the Island
  2. Use 3 Colors
    • A great rule for painting is to use 3 colors, a main walls color, complimentary trim color and a bold accent color, the same rule can be great for kitchen cabinets
  3. Highlight a single cabinet
    • We recently removed a dishwasher for a customer who rarely used it and inserted a drawer cabinet. Rather than try to match the existing cabinets we just put in a cabinet of a contrasting color…. looks great!
  4. Different colors for the upper and lower cabinets
    • This is a bit of a no brainer, choose a light color for the uppers to reflect light and a darker color for the lower cabinets to “ground” the look of the kitchen.
  5. Add a glaze
    • A glaze is a powdered pigment that is applied on top of the cabinet finish. It is then rubbed off and leaves just a hint of accent color in the corners and decorative profiles of the cabinet doors. They are most commonly used to give cabinets and aged look but they also add depth and interest.
  6. Play with Texture
    • Try a wood look cabinet on the bottom with more polished lacquer cabinets on top
  7. Go Crazy
    • A lot of people are really conservative when designing their kitchen. While that might be good for resale its no way to truly enjoy you home. Paint every cabinet a different color if you like!

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