How to Choose A Range Hood For Your Kitchen

How to Choose A Range Hood For Your Kitchen

Cooking will inherently cause fumes in your kitchen. Whether you are trying to avoid breathing in smoke or are trying to keep stains off of your walls, a range hood is an essential part of keeping your cooking space clean and safe.

But how do you choose the right range hood? In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of range hoods, their pros and cons, and other key features you should consider.

What Is a Range Hood?

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As you cook, range hoods remove odors, smoke, and harmful particles from the air you breathe. These gasses are generally produced by your cooktop itself or the food you are cooking. A powerful fan draws air in around the cooktop and sends it out of the house via filters or a duct. Filters prevent smoke, heat, moisture, microscopic food particles, and other impurities from contaminating either the air or your food.

Are Range Hoods Necessary?

Here’s the short answer. Yes, a range hood is a must-have. A range hood is an effective way to ventilate your kitchen when cooking, but what type should you buy, and how big should it be?

When considering a range hood for your kitchen update, there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind:

The Different Types of Range Hoods

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

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Choosing an under-cabinet range hood will provide you with a more compact design. Generally, they’re 30 inches to 36 inches in size and are installed under kitchen cabinets. An under-cabinet model may be the best option if your kitchen is smaller or you simply prefer a sleeker appearance.


  • Recirculating Under-Cabinet Models Can Be Inefficient At Cleaning The Air

Wall Mount Range Hoods

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Larger kitchens or those with an open area above the range top are good candidates for wall mount range hoods. A more eye-catching look is achieved by mounting them securely on an interior wall above the stovetop.


  • Cannot Install Cabinets In Area Over The Range

Kitchen Island Range Hoods

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Does your kitchen have an island? A kitchen island range hood will be a great addition to your kitchen. Typically, these models come with a canopy or a pyramid design. They’re mounted to the ceiling. The ductwork should run through the ceiling as well.


  • Can Interfere With Sightlines In Your Kitchen

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

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Downdraft ventilation hoods are exhaust fans that are concealed within a range or cooktop. If the kitchen air begins to smell or become humid, you can turn on the fan. But if you don’t need the fan, it can stay hidden inside the cooking range.


  • Lower Efficiency At Drawing Gasses From Taller Pots And Pans
  • May Interfere With Gas Cooktop Flames

Custom Range Hoods

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Looking for a design that truly represents your personality and style, but can’t get it with any other type of range hood? Consider custom range hoods. Custom range hoods are great options for those who may want a stove hood with a more compelling look. Various styles and shapes of custom hoods are available, and they can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Plus, there are endless options when it comes to materials. You can choose from a wide selection of custom finishes, handcrafted and sculpted materials, and classic rivets.


  • Takes Longer To Arrive Than Normal Hoods
  • More Expensive Than Other Hood Options

Features to Consider When Choosing a Range Hood

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of range hoods, let’s take a look at some important features you might want to think about when choosing the right option for your kitchen.

When choosing a range hood, you should also think about the exhaust system, your kitchen layout, fan power, noise, styles, and of course, costs.

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There are a few things you should consider carefully before selecting a ventilation system for your kitchen. What type of cooktop or range do you have? How big is your range? The questions are endless.

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