Keeping Your Kids Safe During A Remodel

Remodeling your home can be stressful as it is. However, when kids are in the mix, things can become even more chaotic. But they don’t have to be. 

By making a few adjustments, you can make the process go a whole lot smoother — while keeping your kids safe and happy.

How Do I Remodel My Home With Kids?

It might seem impossible to live in the middle of a construction zone with kids. But it can be done. You just have to be strategic about it. So, if you’re considering a home remodel with kids, we recommend updating the rooms in your home in steps. 

This means having one working space the family is able to use. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms all at once can be disruptive, especially to your little ones. So, consider making changes one by one and having a safe place to go when construction is underway. We also reccomend this strategy if you are remodeling a home with pets present.

Another thing that can help is to explain your plans to your kids, if they’re old enough to understand. 

Tell them what to expect at the beginning of the process so that they know what’s ahead. And if possible, show them pictures of how beautiful the end result will be so they’re invested in the changes. 

We also recommend letting your contractors know your needs upfront. Be sure to tell them you’ll be living in the home, the age of your kids, and their mobility. If you work with a reputable contractor, they’ll work with you to protect your children from places they shouldn’t be in.

What Can I Do To Make My Kids More Comfortable During the Remodel?

Your little ones may have a hard time adjusting to the remodeling process. But that’s normal. However, to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible in the midst of the chaos, give your kids an area where they can roam freely. 

With a cozy corner they can keep to themselves, they’ll not only be safe from physical danger, but they’ll also feel safe in a mental sense because they have a designated spot where they can go to escape from all the noise and disarray. 

You can even get creative by adding a pillow fort or a “camp-out” while other rooms are under construction. This will create some fun memories to look back on once the project’s done. 

Another solution is to keep your little ones actively involved in the remodel to make the process fun for the whole family. Your kids are more likely to enjoy the experience even more if they know what the construction team is working on and the ultimate goal of remodeling in the first place. 

So, how can you pull this off? Before the remodeling process begins, create a design inspiration board. Print out some images of rooms you want to model your design after. 

You can gather some inspo from home and interior design magazines as well. Have your kids cut out the images (under your supervision of course!) glue, and arrange the photos on the board. 

To further engage your children in the brainstorming stage, allow them to pick out a kid-friendly feature. It could be a customized desk with built-in storage for arts and crafts or even a sitting area for your kids to do their activities in the kitchen while you cook.

Looking to go the extra mile? Make your kids really feel like they’re a part of the process by dressing them in “work” gear. 

Let them wear some kid-sized safety gear like gloves, earmuffs, and glasses. Consider getting each of them their own toolbox to really make them feel involved that includes kid-safe tools like tape measures, wrenches, levels, or safety glasses.

Of course, they won’t be anywhere near where the real work is done. But you can give them their own little fake projects to not only keep them occupied, but make them feel like they’re truly a part of the process.

Not sure if any of that’s feasible? It’s totally fine. But one thing that isn’t negotiable is keeping up your routine. Your home might be in shambles, literally. 

But to keep you and your little one sane, you’ll still need to maintain a sense of normalcy. It’s hard to feel at home when there’s so much going on at once. Children need that familiarity, routine, and structure to relax and stay stress-free.

So, yes, while you might be disrupting the house, don’t disrupt your routines. Sticking to normalcy could be something as simple as having breakfast at the same time every day, even if it means you can’t eat in the kitchen. Also, be sure to consider each child’s age, developmental levels, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Younger kids might need a quiet place to do homework, while teens need a private space to relax. And toddlers, who don’t understand what’s going on, may need extra cuddles and playtime.

All of these tips are great, but remodeling with kids will not have a “one size fits all” solution. For some more tips, check out this article from!

Is Remodeling With Young Children Unsafe?

While there are certain hazards that may crop up during a renovation, it’s still possible to keep your little ones out of harm’s way. Things like mold, lead, asbestos, dust, paint fumes, and other dangers can pose problems for young children and pregnant women. 

To protect your little ones from danger, be sure to wall off the part of the house you’re working in by making a plastic seal between that area and the rest of the home. This will help minimize your children’s exposure to harmful material.  

Another way to keep your kids safe from potential dangers is to plan your renovation schedule around your kids’ school hours.

Remodel Your Home and Keep Your Kids Safe With McManus Kitchen and Bath

At McManus Kitchen and Bath, we know how important it is to ensure safety during a home remodeling project. 

That’s why we want to provide you with as many tips as possible to keep your little ones out of harm’s way during your remodel. If you’re looking for a remodeler that has your family’s interest at heart (especially the smallest members), then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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