Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimate, Tallahassee

Rough Cost Ranges


  • Small Kitchen Remodel Costs: 55K – 75K+
  • Mid Sized Kitchen Remodel Costs: 65K – 95K+
  • Large Kitchen Remodel Costs: 85K – 150K+


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Rough Costs, Exact Costs and How To Evaluate an Estimate

The closer you get to remodeling your kitchen the more accurate you want your kitchen remodeling costs to be. This page will give you a good idea of ballpark costs. If you want more detail you can always give us a call and we can discuss specific costs for your project. If you want the most detailed and accurate kitchen remodeling estimate available in Tallahassee then schedule a design and budget consult with us.

When choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor its important to work with someone who will give you a detailed and accurate estimate and review it with you so you know what is included and what is not. Evaluating remodeling estimates can be difficult. We’ve created two guides that can help.

What’s Included in These Kitchen Remodeling Cost Ranges

Costs are for a complete remodel and include all design work, project management and labor costs. The scope of work includes all new cabinets, counters, backsplash tile, new flooring and lighting. 

The lower end of the cost range is for a pull and replace update with nothing moving. The upper end of the range is if you were moving walls, adding or moving plumbing and electric etc…

Small Kitchen Remodels

Cost for remodeling a small kitchen in Tallahassee can range from $55,000 for a pull and replace remodel up to $75,000+ for more complex kitchen remodeling projects.

What is a ‘small kitchen’ ?

Up to 200 sq ft, 30 sq ft of counter, 10-15 cabinets, no island

small kitchen remodeling costs

Small kitchens like this one in a historic district in Tallahassee are less than 200 sq ft with 30 sq ft of counter top and 10-12 cabinets. 

Mid Size Kitchen Remodels

Cost for remodeling a mid sized kitchen range from $65,000 for a simple pull and replace project and up to $95,000+ for more complex remodeling projects. 

What is a ‘mid-sized kitchen’ ?

250 – 300 sqft, 45 sq ft of countertop, 15-18 cabients, small island. 

Mid Sized Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Mid sized kitchens like this one in the Millers Bridge neighborhod of Tallahassee are around 250 – 300 sq ft with 45 sq ft of countertop and 15-18 cabients. 

Large Kitchen Remodels

Cost for remodeling a large kitchen in Tallahassee range from $65,000 for a simple pull and replace project and up to $95,000+ for more complex projects. 

What is a ‘Large Kitchen’ ?

300 sq ft+, 60 sq ft of countertop, 18-25 cabinets, large island, separate buffet, multiple sinks.

Large Kitchen remodeling costs

Large kitchens like this one off Meridian Rd in Tallahassee are 300+ sq ft with 65 sq ft of countertop of more and 18 – 25 cabinets.

Want More Info To help You Plan Your Remodel?

How Much To Spend on Your Kitchen Project?

There is not denying that kitchen remodels are expensive. Often they cost as much or more than a new luxury vehicle. But they also last for a long time and are a cental part of a happy and healthy home. 

How much you spend on an kitchen remodel depends on a lot of factors, not the least of which is your income and savings. You may be tempted to seek financing for your remodel but we usually recommend against that unless the kitchen is in such disrepair that it doesn’t function. 

Cost vs Value or Return on Investment

This is the first thing many homeowners tend to think about when deciding how much to spend on a remodel. But ROI or cost vs value might not be the best metric to use and could lead to some poor decision making.

For one thing no remodel has paypack of 100%. In general you can expect a remodel to increase the value of your home between 40% and 60% of the cost of the project. If you are considering selling your home soon it’s often best not to remodel your kitchen at all and let the new homeowner worry about it.

But that brings us to another consideration… can you sell your home without remodeling? 

All Homes Need Updating Eventually

If your home is 20 years old or more and the kitchen has never been remodeled it makes your home less desireable and hard to sell. Even though you might not get back all the kitchen remodeling costs from updating it will make you home easier to sell. 

Even so, return on investment is not the best reason to remodel. 

Remodel for The Health and Happiness of Your Family

Bad kitchen design is sneaky. We get used to it and don’t realize the day to day frustrations and stress it causes until an experienced designer helps you update it. The cost associated with working in a kitchen that is cluttered, lacks storage or counterspace or has worn our materails is hard to measure. But considering we use our kitchens multiple times a day the costs do have a real effect on our health and happiness. 

Remodeling your kitchen so that daily tasks are easier and creating a space you enjoy being in and welome other into is a much better way to think about remodeling that just the ROI.