Remodeling Contractors In Tallahassee, FL

Company Mission Statement And Core Values

Mission: To Make Lives Better

We know people are happier and healthier when they have a home that is easy to care for and that makes their daily routine more enjoyable. But the process of remodeling can be stressful and the final result dissppointing if not done well.

Our mission is simple. Help improve the lives of our clients by providing great design, quality workmanship and a worry free remodeling experience.

3 Core Values

These three tennants inform our decision making when it comes to how we treat each other and serve our clients.


With every interaction we either build or lose trust. Trust is built by doing what you promise and communicating quickly if you can not.

Trust requires good communitcation and setting clear expectations. Then working to exceed them whenever possible.

Trust mean treating clients, employees, vendors and subcontractors as partners and developing long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Pursuit of Excellence.

Continuous improvement, getting a little better every day with intention is an important part of a fufilling carreer and providing an excellent product or service.

Professionals seek to improve at all aspects of their work including cross training to work better with fellow staff and undertanding how you can support them better. 

Through a combination of outside training, in house training and self directed learning we are constantly working to improve ourselves and become more expert in our roles at McManus Kitchen and Bath.

Commitment to a Remarkable Customer experience

The experience of a remodel is just as important as the end result. Great communication and planning are cornerstones of our process.

To provide a remarkable experience we must first define expectations. This is done throughout the sales, design and production process with the client and our trade partners. Only when expectations are agreed upon can we aim to exceed them. 

Design Build Remodeling Contractor, Tallahassee

McManus Kitchen and Bath is a design build remodeling contractor with a full service showroom right here in Tallahassee. We help homeowners update their home with a turn key process so you can enjoy the remodeling experience as much as you’ll enjoy the result.

We start with a detailed and realistic budget. From there your designer will help you explore options, choose the perfect materials and create a final design specific to your needs.

Once design is complete we order everything for you and store it until needed. Your dedicated project manager supervises all on site construction and makes sure your home stays clean and safe throughout the project.