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If it were up to me all homes would have generous, galley style, walk in closet for pantry storage.  It’s the ideal way to store food, small appliances and cleaning supplies. Having a walk in pantry also allows you to design the rest of your kitchen around your work zones and not have to compromise to accommodate excess storage.

Unfortunately not many homes have walk in pantry storage nor do they have room to add it. What is common are smaller reach in pantry closets which waster a great deal of space and are not convenient. They are the first thing we recommend getting rid of if you are remodeling your kitchen.

The Best Pantry Storage Alternative

So what it the best storage option if you can’t have a galley style walk in?  A Tall Pantry Cabinet with Adjustable Roll Outs (PCAR).  Tall pantry cabinets are surprisingly efficient when it comes to storage. In fact just two 18″ tall pantry cabinets have as much storage space as 72″ (6 feet) of regular upper and lower cabinets!

Here is a short video that demonstrates the utility of the PCAR pantry storage.


Common Issues With Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinet have two issues, both of which are solved by using a PCAR. The first issue is that since they are 24″ deep it can be hard to access the items in the back of the cabinet. Adding roll outs to a pantry cabinet solves this problem. It is important to note that some items work well on pantry shelving without roll outs as you can see in the pictures below.

The second issue with most tall pantry cabinets with is the roll out drawers are fixed in place with screws and difficult to move. The PCAR solves that problem by making all the roll outs easily adjustable. Our storage needs tend to change over time and the ability to be able to adjust the height of you roll outs can really help.

Quick Tips for Pantry Storage and Organization

  1. You’re pantry should always be 10% empty. Empty space is necessary for proper organization
  2. Use adjustable shelving. Our storage needs change over time, fixed shelving can lead to wasted space.
  3. Separate storage by frequency of use.  Store bulk items (“Costco storage”) separate from items used everyday / every week. Keep the most frequently used items at or near eye level
  4. Uniform storage is critical. Use the same storage organizers for everything. It looks and feels good, makes it easier to organize and will keep you motivated to keep it that way.
  5. Keep the pantry well lit. Good lighting is important to help keep things organized.
  6. Keep at step stool handy. Make it easy to reach higher up areas.



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