Kitchen Remodel

Lake Talquin, Tallahassee
  • Redesigned Layout Of The Kitchen
  • Installed T-Shaped Island
  • Pop-Up Exhaust Hood In The Island
  • Total Cost: $81,025.29

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Project Overeview

This project was a pretty standard kitchen remodel. One of our clients main concerns, aside from updating the look of their kitchen, was creating a more functional space for both cooking and get-togethers of any size.

With that in mind, the clients made the design choice to reconfigure the layout of their original kitchen to make it an open space with ample room for cooking, cleaning, and seating all at the same time. There are many smaller design choices that came with this decision such as new lighting, new appliances, and an extension of their wood flooring from their kitchen into their living room.

Before and After

Drag the slider in the image below to see the transformation!

The before and after photos for this kitchen really accentuate just how much space was availible in this kitchen. By converting this kitchen into a more open floorplan, this kitchen becomes a better space for both cooking and gatherings. A blend of form AND function.

Our Favorite Things

Even though this was a fairly standard kitchen remodel, it doesn’t take away from all of the stunning features that these homeowners chose!

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is becoming the go to countertop for many people. On this project the client chose Cambria quartz as the centerpiece for their new kitchen (Check it out on their website HERE).

Massive T-Shaped Island

When a kitchen has a central island, it becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen. This T-Shaped island is a unique, showstopper that provides ample space for cooking, cleaning, and get-togethers.

Open Floor Plan

The original footprint of this kitchen had one entrance and exit point, closing off the space from the rest of the house. By removing the wall next to the living room, the space opened up and allowed more natural light into the space.

Pop-Up Exhaust Hood

Having the cooktop on the island means that the only traditional option would be to have a free hanging exhaust hood over the island. This option would have cluttered the space and went against the idea of opening up the home. To solve this, our clients chose to install an exhaust hood that pops up directly out of the island. Check out a pictue below!

Animal Knobs

These home owners are animal lovers, and wanted to express that in their kitchen remodel. If you look closely you can see that the pull knobs in the kitchen are cats and fish. This is a small detail but it was a fun way to bring some personal flair into a functional space.

Extended Wood Flooring

After reconfiguring the layout of the kitchen, these homeowners decided to take the carpet out of their living room and extend their wood flooring throughout the space.

Before Photos

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Kitchen Design Photos

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Scope of Work

As stated above, the scope of work for this project was fairly simple and straight forward as far as kitchen remodels go. The main points of the remodel consisted of removing a non-load bearing wall during the demo phase of the project, installing new cabinets and appliances, and extending the wood flooring into the living room. Unlike many kitchen remodels, this job didn’t have any surprise complications, making it a breeze both for our team and the homeowners.

Timeline, Challenges and Solutions

Project Start

January 4th, 2022

Estimated Completion

March 1st, 2022

Actual Completion

March 8th, 2022

The timeline on this kitchen remodel was pretty much exactly on schedule. As with every project there are going to be minor timeline changes, but the changes on this remodel were exactly that, minor. While there were some delays, such as needing a little extra time to install the downdraft for the exhaust hood, there were also many areas where the timeline was actually shorter than expected. That equated to a timeline that was only four working days longer than expected.

Project Costs

Initial Budget: $65,069.00

Fixed Price Proposal: $81,025.29

Change Orders: $0.00

Final Project Cost: $81,025.29

Cost Details

The initial Good-Better-Best budget for this project was $65,069. The final total was $81,025.29. You might ask, “What would cause such a differnece in price?”.

Luckily for everyone, none of these cost differences were due to change orders, errors, or unforseen complications. Rather, the entire cost increase was simply due to the client’s material selections in the design phase of the remodeling process.

Cost Breakdown

  • Installation Labor 23% 23%
  • Fixtures and Materials 41% 41%
  • Design and Project Management 22% 22%
  • Overhead and Profit 11% 11%
  • Shipping and Sales Tax 3% 3%



The client went with the Studio door style from Bellmont‘s 1900 Line in the color Silverplate.


The countertop is a quartz from Cambria in the Kendal style. Check it out HERE!


The new lighting fixture installed over the island is the Oiled Bronze Linear Chandelier from Shades Of Light. Check it out HERE!


There are all new appliances in this kitchen. Our favorite is certainly the Broan NuTone Telescopic Downdraft Range Hood System. See its features HERE!

Another notable appliance is the GE Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop. Check it out HERE


Trade Partners

We’ve been developing relationships with quality trade partners for years. We tend to use the same subcontractors because we trust their work and have developed a great working relationship with them. This helps make projects run smoother.

Flooring: Tallahassee Floor Finishing

Tile: Key’s Tile

Carpentry: CTR Custom Cabinet Built-ins and Trim

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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326

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