Jack and Jill Bath Remodel & Kitchen Update

Favorite Features:

  • Large Shower Wall Tiles
  • Bacteria Killing Blue Light
  • Large Kitchen Island
  • Updated Kitchen Lighting 

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Project Details

Jack and Jill Bath Renovation and a Kitchen Update

These homeowners were using their upstairs Jack and Jill bath and bedrooms as their master suite because their parents lived with them in their actual downstairs master suite.  They wanted to update their bathroom upstairs and add some features that made it feel more like a master bathroom. They also wanted to explore adding a large island, new lighting and new countertops in their kitchen.

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Project Costs

Jack and Jill Bath Budget: $40,700

Kitchen Update Budget:  $27,900

Final Contract Price:  $86,500

In our initial “Good, Better, Best Budget” we created a budget for their Jack and Jill bath remodel and a budget for some small updates in their kitchen. For their kitchen they originally wanted new lighting, a new island and new island countertops. 

In the design phase, the clients made the conscious decision to increase their budget to get exactly what they wanted to make their “master” bathroom feel a bit more luxurious. They also decided to add a backsplash and new countertops on their perimeter cabinets and coffee bar. Their final contract price went up a considerable amount due to these changes.  

Fixtures and Materials Used

  1. Island cabinets are from Bellmont Cabinets and are the alder wood species with the thundercloud stain with the Crest door style. 
  2. Bathroom cabinets are also from Bellmont. The vanity cabinets are TSS (Thermally Structured Surface) and are the Terra door style in the Raven finish. The cabinet over the toilet is also a TSS in the Firma doorstyle with a Santorini finish. 
  3. All of the cabinet hardware for this project was ordered from Richieleu. 
  4. Quartz countertops were Cambria. The island countertop color is Langdon. The perimeter cabinet countertop color is Minera. The vanity countertop color is Galloway.
  5. Undercabinet lighting and angled power strips are all from Task Lighting.
  6. The glass backsplash tile came from Crossville Studios and is the Dusk and Dawn Linear Mosaic. 
  7. The pendant lights over the island came are the Ophelia pendants from Lightology. 
Large Kitchen Island

Our Favorite Things:

  • The Backsplash Tile
  • The GIANT Island
  • The Pendant Lights
  • Flexfire RGB Led Lights
  • Bacteria Killing Blue Lights
Large Drawer Bases

Before Photos

Design Photos

During Photos

After Photos

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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326