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This checklist in intended to be used when the contractor visits your home on the initial estimate. It’s part of a series of posts on hiring reliable contractors. You can view our first post, on choosing a remodeling contractor here.

Remodeling Contractor Checklist

These are some basic things to notice or bring up in conversation while the contractor is visiting your home during the initial estimate.

Response Time and Communication

Did they return your call or email quickly?

Were they attentive and professional on the phone?

Did they ask good questions and listen to your answers?

Do they call or text to confirm the appointment? Good communication starts from day one

 What’s their Specialty

Ask a contractor what they specialize in, what type of work they do most or what they like doing the most.

If they don’t have an answer that could be a red flag. Everyone has a specialty, if they don’t then either they are not good at anything or they have not given it any though, both are red flags for me. 

Insurance work, commercial buildings, new construction, and kitchen renovations are all very different projects. You want your potential contractor’s expertise to match the job.

Ask About Their Crew

How big is their staff or main crew?

How many men work for them full time?

Does he or she run an entire company, or are they an individual contractor?

How much labor is sub-contracted and to who?

You might need to check references on the sub contractors as well.

Ask How Busy They Are

How many jobs does your contractor have going at the moment?

The number of jobs the contractor is juggling is very important and directly related to how quickly your work will be finished.

If your potential contractor owns a small company, you want to make sure they’re doing no more than four jobs at any given time.


Those are some basic and simple questions to ask that can really tell you a lot about a remodeling contractor and whether or not you would like to work with them. I hope you found it helpful.



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