Tall Pantry Cabinet Vs Pantry Closets

Tall pantry cabinets are all the rage in kitchen design, but why?  There are a lot of great reasons to use them instead of building a pantry closet.

  • More Attractive
  • Better Organization
  • They Take Up Less Space
  • They Provide More Storage

So why do so many builders install pantry closets instead?  One simple reason: cost. A builder can build a pantry closet for a lower cost than a pantry cabinet.

Natural Maple Tall Pantry Cabinets  Kitchen Cabinets

Pantry Cabinet Options

Some lower-cost cabinet companies may offer only one or two options for pantry cabinets. But your mid-level and upper-level cabinets will have dozens of options to customize your storage.


Tall Cabinet with Adjustable Rollouts

Easily our favorite tall cabinet for pantry storage. This cabinet comes with 5 adjustable rollouts that can be easily removed or adjusted without and tools. You can even order extra rollouts if you need more than 5.

Check out the video below:

Simple Utility Cabinet

For broom, vacuum and mop storage. This tall cabinet comes with no shelves so you can store taller items.

While we like the utility cabinet we often will opt for the Tall pantry with adjustable shelves instead. You can remove the shelves for tall storage or add them back in if your storage needs change.


Pantry Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves

While the tall pantry cabinet with Adjustable Rollouts is our go-to for pantry storage, they are expensive and may not fit your budget. In that case, the tall cabinet with adjustable shelves is a good alternative.

The downside is that it’s a deep cabinet and items can get lost in the back or be hard to reach. But it’s also great for small appliance storage or other large items.


Corner Tall Cabinet

Another cabinet that is unique to Bellmont: the tall corner cabinet. Corners are a challenge to organize efficiently. A tall corner cabinet is a great option.


Pantry Cabinet with Drawers

Another option is to use a tall pantry cabinet with three or four drawers at the bottom and large doors at the top. These are great for storing pots and pans or dishes in the bottom and pantry items in the top half.

An Exception: Walk-In Pantries

If I was building a new home I would design the kitchen to have a walk-in pantry. It’s the only closet-style pantry I would say is worth building. I would probably also have a tall pantry cabinet or two for convenient storage but the walk-in pantry is hard to beat if you have room for one and it’s designed well.



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