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Design build remodeling has been gaining popularity over the last decade because it creates better results with less stress and effort for the homeowner. 

McManus Kitchen and Bath provides a single place where you can work with interior design and construction professionals who can help you create a happy, healthy home. We start each project with a Design and Budget Consult. It will help you clarify your design ideas, understand the remodeling process and create a Good Better Best Budget for your project. Click Here to Schedule a Consult

Just like the name implies design build remodeling is when your contractor does all you design work and builds the project for you. It improves communication and provides a better remodeling experience.

A design build contractor combines design and product expertise with construction and building code knowledge. It’s kind of like one stop shopping for your project and has a lot of benefits over the traditional process of visiting separate showrooms, designers and contractors. 

In order to really understand the benefits of design build remodeling its helpful to first understand the other options.


Comparing Options

Visit a Showroom

Showrooms generally specialize in certain products. For a typical kitchen or bath remodel you would need to visit a Tile Showroom, Cabinet Showroom, Plumbing Showroom and Lighting Showroom. You might also want to visit a flooring showroom,  paint store and glass vendor. That’s a lot of visits to schedule and the different showrooms do not talk to each other so their is no design coordination.


  • Each showroom has knowledge of the products they sell but will not know much about the other products you need.
  • Some showrooms will subcontract the installation for you but be aware that they are not contractors and most likely do not have dedicated project managers to ensure the project runs smoothly.
  • Coordination with contractor or designers is limited, they consider you the main point of contact. 
  • Warranty is limited to the products they sell. 

Hire a Designer

It’s important to know the difference between a draftsman, designer, kitchen and bath designer,  Interior Designer and Architect.

  • A Draftsman is someone who is trained in construction drawing and CAD software programs. They generally translate ideas onto paper but are not certified or trained designers. They often have a lot of experience though and can often help with design. A draftsman is not responsible for making sure plans are code compliant. 


  • A Designer or Interior Decorator is just someone who does design. It is not a licensed profession and there are no requirements to call yourself a designer. This isn’t to say they don’t have skill but without training or certification they skill level and professionalism of designers can vary a lot.


  • An Interior Designer is a licensed profession. A 4 year degree is needed as is continuing education.  Interior designers are not necessarily well versed in Kitchen and Bath design. They certainly know the basics but often are not familiar with specific cabinet lines or NKBA standards.


  • A Kitchen and Bath Designer is a designer or interior designer that is also trained and certified in kitchen and bath design. K&B designers are certified by the National Kitchen adn Bath Association (NKBA). Most cabient showrooms have a kitchen designer on staff.

Hire a Contractor

There are many different types of contractors. A roofing contractor for example is very different from a kitchen remodeling contractor and you would prioritize different qualities when hiring them.


  • Most contractors do not provide design services or help with product selection.
  • Qualified contractors do know a great deal about installation, building code and how to run a efficient jobsite.
  • They often have designers and showrooms they work with regularly and can refer you to them but do not provide much coordination beween showrooms and the designers.
  • You will usually be responsible for making all design choices and ordering materials.
  • Warranty is limited to installation only. You are responsible for product warranty’s

Hire a Design Build Contractor

Design Build Firms are perfect for kitchen and bathroom remodels because they combine design expertise with knowledge of proper installaiton and buidling code. They also manage the entire project from start to finsih which can take a lot of stress off of the homeowner.


  • One stop shopping saves time and effort.
  • Design work is done in house by a certified designer.
  • A design build contractor with a showroom will also help with all your product selections and ordering
  • Expertise in installation and building code.
  • Everything is managed by one person which makes scheduling and project coordination much easier
  • The contractor will help you with all design decisions and place all orders
  • Warranty covers labor and materails.

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