On The Job Site: Liveable Remodeling

Keeping you informed and your home clean and organized during the project.

The #1 reason remodeling projects go wrong is poor communication and planning. Poor communication and planning leads to mismatched expectations, schedule confusion, delays and cost overruns. It can turn what should be a fun process into a stressful nightmare that never seems to have an end. Fortunately its easy to avoid. 

Liveable Remodeling

It really starts from our first meeting, at the Design and Budget Consult but more practically speaking liveable remodeling is about how things run on the job site.

Liveable Remodeling has 2 basic parts: Pre-production Planning and Onsite scheduling, Communication and Dust Control.

    Pre-production Planning

    We like to get the production team involved early in the design process to get thier thoughts and make sure things can be installed as expected.

    Scope of Work Review

    Your project manager will visit your home along with your designer after the first or second design meeting to verify measurements and review the scope of work. Depending on the project he may also have to return for other meeting with sub contractors or structural enginneers. 

    Pre-construction meeting.

    Two weeks before your project is scheduled to start our project manager will schedule a pre-construction meeting with you. At the pre-construction meeting we will discuss things:

    • Jobsite Set up, protection and dust control
    • Access (garage door code, key etc..)
    • Your daily routine and best ways to communicate,
    • Managing pets
    • parking and clean up areas
    • other items as needed

    We’ll also review the scope of work and calendar for the first week so you are clear on what to expect. 

      On Site Supervision, Communication and Dust Control

      Your project manager is on site every day making sure things go to plan. He will update every day and records everything in a daily log using our project management software, BuilderTrend.

      Buildertrend is our communication hub for each proejct. The software gives you 24/7 access to daily logs, the job calendar, completion lists and more. It allows to easly send us messages, leave comments and share project details with friends and family. It’s record of your entire project from our first meeting to final clean up.

      As each part of the project is complete your project manager uses a series of checklists to confirm things are built to plan and to look for small details that experience and proven to be important. He will also schedule a time to walk the jobsite with you once a week.

      We maintain a completion list, a type of punch lists, to track any outstandig issues. In our trade agreement with each subcontractor it is made clear that any completion list items need to be resolved within 5 working days.

      Our project manager also removes any trash or leftover materials from the jobsite each day and makes sure your home kept clean and free from construction dust and clutter.

        Liveable Remodeling Dust Control - remodeling - buildclean

        More Than A Nuisance, A Health Hazard

        Dust can affect your health, damage electronics and linger in your home long after your project is complete.

        Remodeling Dust Commonly Contains:

        • Crystalline Silica
        • Lead
        • Mold Spores
        • glue residues that include formaldehyde
        • wood and cement particles


        Our Dust Control System

        We take job site dust control very serious and have implemented a system to eliminate as much dust as possible. Your project manager will review your specific job site protection and dust control plan at the pre-construction meeting.

         Zip Wall Barriers Isolate the Work Area

        We isolate the work area during demolition and other messy parts of the project using Zip Wall plastic barriers. Zip Wall barrier seal tight to the ceiling and walls and provide seal doors to prevent dust from spreading. Combined with our BuildClean HEPA filter this system is very effective at controlling construction dust.

        Floor and Wall Protection

        We tape down durable, waterproof barriers on the floors and cover those barriers daily with fresh drop cloths.  e also cover all windows, shelving and other areas prone to collecting dust with plastic sheeting each day.

         HEPA Air Scrubbers Clean the Air

        Our Build-Clean HEPA Filter is an important part of our dust control process. It eliminates 90% of airborne job site dust.

        BuildClean Air Cleaner Remodeling Dust control HEPA Filter

        Build Clean is a 600 cfm HEPA filter that we operate continuously to collect construction dust and keep the air in your home clean and dust free.

        Daily Sweep, Mop and Debris Removal

        We fully clean the work area and remove all debris from the job site at the end of each day. We’ll identify a clean up area to wash tools and mix materials and keep that area clean and organized as well.

        Organized Equipment and Materials Storage

        We use storage trailers to store all equipment and materials needed on site. No tools or materials are left strewn around the job site.

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