December 16, 2018

A Liveable Remodeling Process

Even if the end result is great, a poorly managed project can be extremely frustrating and leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

A successful remodel requires an accurate budget, thoughtful design, and thorough preparation. It should also minimize the disruption of your lifestyle and daily routine. We call this liveable remodeling.

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1. Start with An Accurate Budget

Our Good Better Best Process

Liveable remodeling starts with an accurate budget. Our Good Better Best budget process has proven accurate to within 3% over our last 20 projects.

2. Create A Thoughtful Design

Asking the Right Questions

Each project includes:

  • 3D renderings and a Virtual Walk-Thru
  • Electric and Lighting Plans
  • Plumbing plans
  • Cabinet Plans
  • Tile pattern layouts
  • Specification sheets for every fixture

3. Prepare Thoroughly

Ordering and Pre Construction Planning

Backorders and shipping damage can ruin a project schedule. We order all materials for your project right after we sign the fixed price proposal. If an item is backordered it gives us plenty of time to discuss options. If it is damaged in shipping we have plenty of time to reorder.

Kitchen remodeling costs in Tallahassee
Liveable Remodeling
Liveable Remodeling

Pre Construction Meeting

Confirming Measurements and Construction Plan

The pre-construction meeting is a simple but important part of a liveable remodel. At the meeting we will review the plans and confirm measurements on last time and discuss jobsite set up and organization including:

  • Truck and Trailer Parking
  • Protecting floors and furniture
  • Home Entry and Work Hours
  • Storage and Clean Up Area

Job Site Protection and Dust Control

Protecting Your Home and Your Family

Remodeling dust is no joke. Remodeling dust can contain lead, silica mold spores and insect dander that you don’t want contaminating your home. We take jobsite dust control very seriously and utilize zipwall barriers and jobsite HEPA filters to control it.

Protecting your home is also very important and we take great care in protecting existing floors and furniture. We’ll discuss your jobsite protection plan in detail at the preconstruction meeting.

Clean Contractor, Liveable Remodeling.

4. Build Without Interruption

Communication and Project Management

Communication is key for a successful project. Our project manager is on site daily and we use a dedicated project management software to make sure everyone stays up to date on jobsite progress and that any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently to avoid any delays.

  • Daily Logs with progress photos
  • Online Calendar updated daily
  • To Do’s and Completion Lists Updated Daily

Project Follow Up

Staying in Touch

The end of the project is not the end of our relationship. We’ll schedule a post project check in after 1 month and again after 6 months to make sure everything is performing as expected. We warranty our work for up to 5 years and will check in with you annually.

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