November 9, 2018

Our Good Better Best Home Remodeling Estimate

At the heart of our estimate and design process is out Good better Best estimate (or budget as we like to call it) give you more control over your home remodeling budget. We’ve spent hundred of hours creating and updating our GBB budget sheet to make is simple and fast to create while still being very accurate and detailed.

There are 3 options for each selection in your project:  A budget friendly “Good” option, a middle of the road “Better Option and a “Best” option.

As work through the GBB budget sheet together you can choose the selections that best meet your needs and your budget. For example, you might choose the “Good” backsplash tile (subway tile for example) but opt for the “Best” kitchen sink (an Idea Station 5 perhaps?)

Once all your selections are made you will have a budget for your project that balances your budget needs and project priorities.

Example of a GBB Home Remodeling Estimate

Home remodeling estimate kitchen estimate tallahassee fl

Advantages of Good Better Best

Everyone has different priorities for their remodeling project. Some people want really nice tile and appliances. Other focus on cabinetry and lighting. Good better best allows you to see multiple options for each estimate and make personalized choices based on your priorities.

It also allows to you to see how each selection will affect your budget.

After our initial visit to your home, we will create your good better best estimate. Then we will invite you to the showroom to review the estimate with you in detail and help you make your good better best selections. One those selections are made we will create your final estimate.


Good better best selections don’t apply to everything, however. For example, dump fees and installation costs often are the same regardless of the materials you select. When appropriate though we will include fees and labor costs as part of the good better best budget as well.

The Scope of Work 

Creating your Good Better Best budget starts with creating a detailed scope of work. We’ll create your scope of work during our first visit to your home and revisit it during your first showroom visit where we will create your GBB budget.

Example of Our Detailed Scope of Work Form: 

remodeling process Tallahassee FL

Give us  Call

If you would like to learn more about good better best or about McManus Kitchen and Bath please give a call. We’d be happy to discuss your project on the phone or schedule a visit to your home.