Our Design and Budget Consult

A Fast, Accurate Process with Good Better Best Options


We start each project with a design and budget consult that consists of two meetings: A home visit followed by a showroom visit.

During your showroom visit we will review your Good Better Best budget. 


Benefits of Our Design and Budget Consult:


It's quick.

Your initial Good Better Best budget can be ready in less than a day

It's accurate.

Within 3% of actual project costs over our last 25 projects

It's collaborative.

We review it together in our showroom so you can ask a questions and make changes.

The Good Better Best Budget

We’ve spent the last 4 years perfecting our Good Better Best process to make it the most complete and accruate way to create a budget and scope of work for your project. 


Good Better Best Overview

3 Steps To Create Your Good Better Best Budget

1. Start with A Phone Call

We’ll answer any questions you have and schedule your initial home visit.

2. Then A Home Visit – 90 Minutes

We’ll take accurate measurements and talk over your ideas for the project.

3. Followed By A Showroom Visit – 90 minutes

This is where the magic happens. We’ll review your Good Better Best options and customize your budget.

An Sample Scope of Work

An Sample Good Better Best Budget

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