November 9, 2018

Our Good Better Best Home Remodeling Estimate

Create A Detailed Scope Of Work

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Create Your Custom Budget

Our Good Better Best Home Remodeling Estimate

Over Our Last 20 Project Our Good Better Best budget has been accurate to within 3% of the final project cost ! 


You need a consistent, organized method for creating your home remodeling estimate. You need to be confident that the numbers your presented with are correct so you can plan your project with certainty.

Our Good Better Best budget process is as detailed and organized as you will find anywhere. It provides you will all the information your need to make a decision about your project with confidence.

Home Remodeling Estimate

Step 1: Create a Detailed Scope of Work

On our initial visit to your home we’ll discuss your project ideas and take accurate measurements of the space. Then, back at the office we’ll create a detailed scope of work for us to review together when you visit the showroom.

Here is an example of our scope of work sheet:

Estimate and Design

Step 2: Explore Design Options

We’ll discuss your design possibilities and show you different options for cabinetry, tile, and fixtures so you can make an informed decision about which products are best for your project. 

Step 3: Complete the Good Better Best Worksheet

On your first visit to the showroom we’ll review the Scope of Work and discuss options for your project. We will then complete your Good Better Best worksheet together to create you initial budget. The whole process takes about 90 minutes.

Here is an example of our Good Better Best worksheet:

Estimate and Design

Now You Can Make A Decision With Confidence

At the end of your initial showroom visit you’ll have a detailed scope of work and budget that has been customized to your needs. About 25% of our clients decide to pay the 5% retainer and schedule their first design meeting on the spot.

We’ll email you copies of your scope of work and budget so you can review them as needed. When you are ready to proceed all you have to do is give us a call and let us know.

Get Started With A Phone Consult

15 Minutes to Discuss Your Project

Tell us about the project you have in mind. We’ll let know how we would approach it and about what it would cost. If what we have to say make sense we’ll schedule your initial home visit so you can get started on your Good Better Best budget.