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  • Clarify Your Design Ideas
  • Get A Good Better Best Budget
  • Standard and Enhaced Options
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A Budget You Can Trust

Estimates are for amateurs. Our GBB is accurate to within 3%.

Make Smart Choices

Understand product options and avoid common mistakes.

Avoid Delays

We’ll outline a clear timeline for your proejct 

The Problem with Most Estimates

Most initial estimates are vauge. While a ballpark number imight be better than nothing they can lead to surprise costs and miscommunication later in the process.

To create an accurate estimate takes time. It requires detailed measurements and a deep understanding of you project goals and needs.

A Better Way: The Design and Budget Consult

Our Design and Budget Consult is a two step process that allows us to really understand you project goals and create a Good Better Best budget that historically has proven to be accurate to within 3% of actual project costs.

Two Options for Your Consult

We actually offer two versions of our inital consult. The Standard consult and the Enhanced consult.

The Standard Design and Budget Consult

  • Perfect for simple remodels where the layout is not changing much.
  • Includes a home visit to take measurement
  • Include a showroom visit to discuss design options and review your Good Better Best budget.
  • Lower cost than the enhanced
  • Does not include and drawings

The Enhanced Design and Budget Consult

  • Best for multi-room projects or more compicated projects
  • Includes everything in the standard consult
  • Includes a 3D scan of your home
  • Includes initial concept drawings of the project

Here’s How It Works

1. We Start With A Home Visit

We’ll discuss your ideas, answer your questions and then take accurate measurements and pictures of the existing room.

Measuring kitchen
Mcmanus Showroom

2. Followed By A Showroom Visit

We’ll review your Good Better Best budget and discuss design and product options for your project.

3. Next Steps

The next step is to approve your budget and move forward into the design process.

Moving Forward

After you approve your budget we’ll schedule your first meeting with your designer and begin planning your project. Most kitchens and bathrooms take 2 or 3 design meetings to sort out all the details. Once that is complete we present you with a fixed price proposal and schedule your start date.

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