Our Design And Budget Consult:

How we create the most accurate remodeling estimates in Tallahassee

Most Remodeling Estimates Are Based On Guesswork…. Ours Are Based on Math

Most free estimates are full of assumptions and guesswork and they can be off by 30% or more. They are vague and usually lead to misunderstandings and frustration later in the process.

Our good better best estimates are built using a cost database of actual remodeling costs and detailed measurements we get from a 3D digital scan of your space. They are line itemed and accurate to within 5% of actual project costs.

Our Estimates Include:

    1. A home visit to discuss options and get detailed measurements
    2. 3D Concept drawing(s) of the proposed design
    3. Good Better Best Estimate with a detailed scope of work and materials list
    4. 1 on 1 Showroom Consult to review design and budget

The goal of the consult is to provide you a realistic budget for your project so you can plan your remodel with confidence with any surprise cost increases that are so common with typical remodeling estimates.

We do charge a fee for our consults. You can see an outline of fees below. If you want a free estimate that is only acurate to within 30% of actual costs and does not include any concept drawings or accurate material pricing we can provide that over the phone.

You can also review our recent projects, where we provide a detailed case study of each project including budget details.

Our Remodeling Estimates Vs Traditional Contractors

MKB Other Contractors
Accuracy  Within 5%  Off by 30% or More
Itemized Labor Scope of Work Yes No
Accurate Material Pricing Yes, see samples in our showroom No
3D Concept Drawing Included Yes No
Reviewed In Person Yes, in our showroom No
Timeline Scheduled in advance. Get your estimate in as little as 2 weeks. Unknown, no clear timeline often takes 4 weeks or more


Consult Fees

Consult costs can range from $225 for a single room like a kitchen or bath, $375 for two rooms and $575 or more for whole home projects and additions.

      Before scheduling your consult we’ll have a 15 – 30 minute discovery call so we can learn more about your needs, review budget options and explain how we work before paying the consult fee.

          Our Estimates have 4 Important Parts

          1. A Detailed Scope of

              Work (labor Items)

          All labor items, down to the last light switch, are listed so there is no mystery about what is included, 

          This sheet is tied to our costs data base, which we update regulary with actual remodeling costs so we know your estimate will be accurate. 

          The scope of work sheet is a detail list of all labor items for the project

          2. Line Itemed Materials


          Your materaisl sheet includes good better best options for all the materails needed on your project. 

          When you purchase materials from our showroom we pass on our trade discounts to you. 

          We also include a materials sheet with good, better, best options

          3.  3D Concepts

          It can be difficult to understand a project from words and numbers along. Our 3D concepts help explore options visually as well. 

          Drag the slider to see the 3D Concept vs final project picture.

          4. A 1 on 1 Consult in

              Our Showroom

          Meeting 1 on 1 in our showroom allows us to review everything together, look at actual material samples and make sure you understand the labor and materails sheets completely. 

          McManus Kitchen and Bath Showroom Design Desk

          Meet in our showroom to discuss options

          How it Works

          1. Discovery Call 

          We start with a discovery call, preferably by video conference. After the call we’ll email you a link to schedule your in home consult.

          2. Home Visit

          At the home visit we’ll get accurate measurements and further discuss your options. After the home visit we’ll email another link to schedule your showroom visit.

          3. Showroom Visit

          In the showroom we’ll review your 3D concept(s) and Good Better Best Estimate(s).

          We’ll discuss and adjust them as needed based on your feedback. We’ll also have time to review material options and look at samples.

          4. Take-aways

          After the showroom visit your Good Better Best estimate and 3D concepts are yours to keep, we will email them to along with an appointment summary.