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Our Kitchen and Bath Showroom

We have our own kitchen and bath showroom here in Tallahassee and offer a wide variety of materials from boutique vendors as well as well known brands. Everything you might need for your kitchen, bath or whole home remodel.

We carry a large number of samples and swatches in the showroom but also order custom samples specific to each project. When needed we also work with other showrooms in town.

You’re initial 1 on 1 consult with us will be in our showroom as will all your design meetings. Our designers will curate selections for your to choose from as part of the design process. 

Our warehouse is located right next store. After design is complete we order all your materials and store them in the warehouse unitl needed on site.

 Save Time and Money

Driving all over town visting different showrooms and suppliers can eat up a lot of time and be overwhelming. Not to mention tryinng to coordinate all those selections with your contracor, ordering them and planning shipping and storage.

When you work with us we take care of all of that for you!  We also get discounts from our suppliers and pass those savings on to you. We’ll list exact prices on your proposal so you can price shop if you want to but you’re probably going toget the best deal with us.

No Allowances, No Suprise Costs or Delays

One of the biggest issues when planning a project is getting accruate pricing. Many contractors will use vague ‘allowances’ that are often too low and result in suprise costs later one.

We’ll help you make all your material selections prior to starting the project and provide transparent pricing so you know exactly what to expect.

We order all your materials in advance and store them in our warehouse so they can be inspected and we don’t have any unexpeted delays on site due to shipping delays or damage. 

Curated Selections Reduce Decsion Overwhelm

At your first design meeting in our kitchen and bath showroom our interior design team will make material and fixture recommendations based on your initial Good Better Best budget.

Curating your selections to just 2 or 3 options helps reduce decsion fatigue and makes the design process more efficient.

Each year we visit trade shows and meet with vendors to explore new products so we can bring them to you. Our staff also get regular prodcut training so they know how to spec the right materails for different applications.

Want Some Inspiration In Your Inbox? 

Some of the Things you’ll Find in Our Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Frameless Cabinets

More storage and a cleaning look. We’re big fans of frameless cabinetry and especially Bellmont Cabinets, the premier frameless cabinet maker in the US.

Read more about the difference between framed and frameless cabinets. 

Showroom Frameless cabinets
Workstation sink

Workstation Sinks

A workstation sink moves all your cleaning and prep into one compact location, which free up the rest of your kitchen for storage and keeps you counters clear of mess. 

They are growing in popularity and we think they will soon become the standard in modern kitchens. 

Large Format Tile

Hate grout lines? Imagine tiles up to 5 feet x 10 feet! Large format tiles are a thin panel porcelain tile that are great for floors or walls. 

We carry Laminan large format tiles in tehe showroom. 

Large Porcelain Tile Shower
Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl  Plank

100% waterproof, slip resistant and comes in tons of wood look and tile colors. LVP is taking over the flooring world. 

We’ve recently started working with loose lay vinyl plank which has even more advantages. 

Dekton Countertops

We call it “super quartz”. Dekton is a type of quartz counter that is almost impossible to scratch and rated to 1400 degrees. It comes in lots of colors, just like regular quartz and is installed in the same way. 

showroom countertops

Our Remodeling Process In 4 Steps

faster project completion Without unexpected delays or cost over-runs

Initial Consult

You don’t always know what you want until you know the options

Our design and budget consult will help you explore options and costs.

Design and Order

We’ll create a unique design that inspires you

And construction documents to make sure things are built to plan.


You’ll meet your project manager during design.

He takes care of everything makes sure things are built on time and on budget.

Follow Up

We follow up after a few weeks to make sure no small a

You will get a “tune up” visit after 6 months and a 5 year warranty

Design Build Remodeling Contractor, Tallahassee

McManus Kitchen and Bath is a design build remodeling contractor with a full service showroom right here in Tallahassee. We help homeowners update their home with a turn key process so you can enjoy the remodeling experience as much as you’ll enjoy the result.

We start with a detailed and realistic budget. From there your designer will help you explore options, choose the perfect materials and create a final design specific to your needs.

Once design is complete we order everything for you and store it until needed. Your dedicated project manager supervises all on site construction and makes sure your home stays clean and safe throughout the project.