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You can explore remodeling costs with us in 3 ways

Visit our recent projects page where we outline costs and other details of recently competed projects and their remodeling costs. You’ll most likely find projects similar to yours and be able to compare.

Schedule a design and budget consult to get a 3D rendering and good better best budget that is accurate to within 5%. We do charge a fee for this consult but also offer a money back guarantee if you don’t find it extemely valuable.

Scroll down to read ball park remodeling costs. These are general cost ranges an might not be accurate for your specific project.

If you want to avoid regrets when planning your project

read below first

Before we dive into remodeling costs it’s important to understand what affects those costs.

The cost of your project, the quality of the result and whether you have a great experience or terrible one depend 6 critical elements (and who is providing them).

6 critical elements needed for a successful remodel:

1. Accurate Initial Estimates: So you can budget and plan properly and avoid surprise costs.

2. Design, Material Selection and Planning: To get the best results and know what to expect

3. Ordering & Material Management: To avoid delays and keep your home clean and safe.

4. Quality Construction: Qualified installers, not low bidders

5. Project Management: To  make sure things run smoothly and avoid confusion.

6. Follow Up and Warranty: To provide service and trust


Whichever contractor you choose make sure it is clear which of the 6 critical services are being provided and who is providing them.

If they don’t provide all 6 then Plan to spend time and resources to fill in any gaps in your contractors level of service.

Remodeling Costs And Why Remodeling Projects Go Bad

Obviously a contractor who provides all 6 critical elements is going to cost more than one who doesn’t, at least in the short term.

But in the long run contractors who do not provide all 6 elements can be much more expensive.

3 Common Reasons Remodeling Projects Go Bad:

  • Initial remodeling cost estimates are innacurate and lead to surprise costs or cutting corners
  • Mismatched expectations and poor communication make the experience frustrating
  • Low quality design and material selection lead to regrets after the project is complete

Which Create These Issues:

Missed opportunities. Without a good design process and experienced designer you get mediocre design and material choices. This leads to regrets after your project is complete.

Delays. Without a material ordering, storage and delivery process things are forgotten, broken in shipping or defective. This can delay or halt your project weeks.

Surprise Costs When you don’t start with an accurate estimate that includes all material selections and labor you get surprise costs later on. This can easily mean 15%-25% in additional costs that you were not expecting.

A Chaotic Experience. Without accurate scheduling, communication and project management installers come and go as they please without notice or warning, you don’t know what to expect or who to talk to and quality control is non exsistent. This creates stress and frustration that can make you wish you never started the project.

Messy, unsafe jobsites. Construction dust is not healthy and needs to be contolled, especailly in older homes.  This takes experienced project managers who are trained to run clean and organized jobsite. Otherwise you’ll be finding construction dust for months after your project is complete.

design, product selection and construction services... All Under One Roof

McManus Kitchen and Bath is the only licensed remodeling contractor in Tallahassee (lic. CRC1331326) with a full service design center and showroom.

Not only do we provide all 6 critial elements of a successful remodel our unique design build approach creates better designs, saves time and makes the whole process run smoother.

Common Kitchen Remodeling Costs

The higher end of these remodeling cost ranges are for ‘gut’ renovations where walls may be moved and plumbing or electric updated. The lower cost ranges are for simpler ‘pull and replace’ projects

Small Kitchens

$55,000 - $75,000+

Small kitchens like this one in a historic district in Tallahassee are less than 200 sq ft with 30 sq ft of counter top and 10-12 cabinets.

Mid Sized Kitchens

$65,000 - $95,000+

Mid sized kitchens like this one in the Millers Bridge neighborhod of Tallahassee are around 250 – 300 sq ft with 45 sq ft of countertop and 15-18 cabients.

Large Kitchens

$85,000 - $150,000+

Large kitchens like this one off Meridian Rd in Tallahassee are 300+ sq ft with 65 sq ft of countertop of more and 18 – 25 cabinets.

Common Bathroom Remodeling Costs

The higher end of these ranges are for ‘gut’ renovations where walls may be moved and plumbing or electric updated. The lower cost ranges are for simpler ‘pull and replace’ projects

Small Bathrooms

$30,000 - $45,000+

Small bathrooms like this one are very common in Tallahassee. They are usually 5ft by 9 ft with a 30″ vanity and tub/shower combo.

Mid Sized Bathrooms

$50,000 - $75,000+

Mid sized bathrooms like this one in Myers Park have larger vanities, often with two sinks. They still have smaller showers and no separate toilet room.

Large bathrooms

$85,000 - $150,000+

Large bathrooms like this one off Centervilel Rd in Tallahassee usually have large 2 sink vanities, large showers and a tub separate from the shower.

Remodeling Cost Vs Value

We are often asked about the ROI of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. That is how much remodeling costs do you recoup in increased value of the home.

Kitchens and bathrooms pay back the most… usually between 55% and 75% but no remodel pays back 100% of more unless your home is very outdated.

Remodel to Make Life Better

While ROI is a consideration, the best reason to remodel is to improve the lives of the people in the home. That pays back a lot more. smile

How To Lower Your Remodeling Costs

Remodeling cost estimates will vary depending on whether or not your contractor is providing all 6 services or if you have to have some done separately.

There are 4 basic ways to lower remodeling costs in Tallahassee

1. Do some of the steps yourself. You can hire a traditional remodeling contractor to do the on site work and take care of some or all of the design, material selection, ordering, storage and project management yourself.

This approach can be successful if you have the time and knowledge to manage those additional aspects of the project. Any mistakes will come at a cost to you though. 

2. Hire a handman or ‘self performing’ contractor. A self performing contractor is someone who is licensed and does most of the work themselves, rather than hiring qualfied installers or subcontractors. A handyman is not licensed but also does all the work himself.

Many companies who work on rentals, investment properties and house flips operate this way. The quality is generally lower and there is still a lot of work on your part to coordinate things. 

3. Use an online designer. There are a lot of freelance designers online these days. You can send them pictures and measurements and they will create a design for you.

This approach can work but you are responsible for any measurement errors, the designs tend to be more generic and you will have to order and coordinate everything on your own. 

4. Order cheaper materials. Materials make up about 30% of project costs. Online cabinet stores sell less expensive RTA cabinets, box stores like home depot have modified versions of popular fixtures that cost less.

We do not recommend using cheaper materials to lower cost. A lot of contractors do rely on home depot fixtures and RTA cabinets to lower costs but  they have limited options and are build from low quality materials. 

The Best Approach: Design Build Remodeling

Working with a desgin build contractor that provides all 6 critial elements can seem more expensive at first glance. But when you add up all the remodleing costs and factor in your time, the delays, surprise costs and frustrations with other approaches design build is really your best choice. 


Working with McManus kitchen and bath

Start with a good better best budget that clearly outlines your remodeling costs and options. Then meet with our designers in our showroom to select materiala and finalize your design.

We’ll order everything for your and store it in our warehouse until needed on site. Your project manager takes care of everything on site and our follow and warranty is the best in the industry.

higher Quality Workmanship

Increased accountability, excellent installers, detailed plans & daily follow up

  • ZQualified trade partners and installers
  • ZDetailed plans with quality standards clearly outlined
  • ZDaily inspection and review by our project manager
  • ZProper scheduling and clear communication

better Designs & material Selections

Experienced designers & a top notch showroom

  • ZEliminate decision fatigue and confusion
  • ZA relaxed experience so you can focus on what's important
  • ZInterior design and construction expertise
  • ZWe Order and store everything for you until needed on site

a more enjoyable Remodeling Experience

Great Communication & Professional Project Management

  • ZAccurate scheduling and daily updates so you know what to expect
  • ZDaily quality control and review
  • ZJobsite kept clean, safe & organized
  • ZAccess all project details though your online project portal
Estimate from a Remodeling Contractor

Start With A 3D Concept & Good Better Best Budget 

  • Clarify Your Design Ideas with 3D Renderings
  • Detailed Estimate of Materials and Labor
  • Explore material and fixture options in our showroom

Design Build Remodeling Contractor, Tallahassee

McManus Kitchen and Bath is a design build remodeling contractor with a full service showroom right here in Tallahassee. We help homeowners update their home with a turn key process so you can enjoy the remodeling experience as much as you’ll enjoy the result.

We start with a detailed and realistic budget. From there your designer will help you explore options, choose the perfect materials and create a final design specific to your needs.

Once design is complete we order everything for you and store it until needed. Your dedicated project manager supervises all on site construction and makes sure your home stays clean and safe throughout the project.