Remodeling Costs in Tallahassee, FL

These are ballpark remodeling costs in Tallahassee, FL. Another great resource is our project gallery where we outline exact timeline and costs for every project we complete.

Understanding Your Options & Costs

There are 6 critical steps that affect the cost and quality of your project. The first step is a detailed and accurate estimate with realistic material and fixture costs.

The traditional way of creating remodeling estimates focuses on delivering an estimate of costs quickly. But this often leads to innacurate estimates with limited options. It can also be confusing. 

Because we are a design+build remodeling company our approach is different. Our estimate process is designed help you explore all the options and costs for your project, discuss what solutions work best for you and then customize the budget to your needs.


If you are interested in investing in your home and want to work with a company the pays attention to the details and provides a high level of service schedule a consult using the button below.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs – Ballpark Ranges

The higher end of these remodeling cost ranges are for renovations where walls may be moved and plumbing or electric updated. The lower cost ranges are for simpler ‘pull and replace’ projects

Small Kitchens

$65,000 - $85,000+

Small kitchens like this one in a historic district in Tallahassee are less than 200 sq ft with 30 sq ft of counter top and 10-12 cabinets.

Mid Sized Kitchens

$85,000 - $125,000+

Mid sized kitchens like this one in the Millers Bridge neighborhod of Tallahassee are around 250 – 300 sq ft with 45 sq ft of countertop and 15-18 cabients.

Large Kitchens

$125,000 - $250,000+

Large kitchens like this one off Meridian Rd in Tallahassee are 300+ sq ft with 65 sq ft of countertop of more and 18 – 25 cabinets.

Bathroom Remodeling Costs – Ballpark Ranges

The upper range of these prices are for renovations where walls may be moved and plumbing or electric updated. The lower cost ranges are for simpler ‘pull and replace’ projects

Small Bathrooms

$35,000 - $55,000+

Small bathrooms like this one are very common in Tallahassee. They are usually 5ft by 9 ft with a 30″ vanity and tub/shower combo.

Mid Sized Bathrooms

$60,000 - $85,000+

Mid sized bathrooms like this one in Myers Park have larger vanities, often with two sinks. They still have smaller showers and no separate toilet room.

Large bathrooms

$95,000 - $150,000+

Large bathrooms like this one off Centervilel Rd in Tallahassee usually have large 2 sink vanities, large showers and a tub separate from the shower.


1. Accurate Estimates With Realistic Material Options

Explore options, understand costs and make the right choices for your needs.

2. Design, Material Selection and Planning: 

The better the planning, the better the project.

3. Ordering & Material Management: 

Avoid unecessary delays by ordering all materials in advance, inspecting them and storing them safely until needed.

4. Quality Construction: 

Work with experienced trade partners who provide fixed price contracts and hold the correct licenses and insurance.

5. Project Management: 

Supervise the jobsite daily, provide a detailed project schedule, have a clear process for change orders, punchlists and project communication.

6. Follow Up and Warranty: 

Follow up after 6 months to ensure things are working as expected. Provide a 5 year warranty that covers all work done and includes annual follow up. 

 Costs Vs Value Report

Each year Remodeling magazine publishes the Cost vs Value Report (read the 2023 report here). It compares a dozen or so types of remodeling projects and impact they have on resale value.

To be honest, the report is not very accurate. It is based on permitted costs, not total costs. Total cost can be 10’s of thousands of dollars more than permitted costs as things like cabinet installation, flooring etc… do not require permits so they are under reported in their estimates.

Still it can be useful in relative terms to show what renovations return the most on your investment. The bottom line though is very few project pay back more than they cost.

ROI on Kitchens and Baths

Kitchens and bathrooms pay back the most… usually between 55% and 75% . 

Unless your house is a state of disrepair or lacks features that all other homes in your neighborhood have, remodeling for ROI does not make a lot of sense unless you stick to the cheapest possible options like a house flipper might do.

INstead, Remodel to Make Life Better

While ROI is a consideration, the best reason to remodel is to improve the lives of the people in the home. That kind of inverstment always pays back a lot more. smile

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