A Better Remodeling Process Means Fewer Mistakes and Saves You Time and Money

We Handle Everything from Design and Ordering Through Construction and Follow Up So You Can Relax and Enjoy The Process

Our Remodeling Process is Divided in 4 Steps

Our design build approach means we do a lot of the heavy lifting so you can worry less and focus on what’s important. 

Concept & Budget

Our design and budget consult is how we create your intial concept and budget.

Once you approve your budget we move into the design process.

Design & Ordering

During design we will finalize your layout and select all your materails and fixtures.

Then we’ll order everything and store it our warehouse until the project starts.

On Site Construction

Your project manager is on site daily managing installers, keeping your home clean and making sure things are built to plan. He’ll send you daily updates through our online portal.

Follow Up & Warranty

Six months after your project is completed we like to check in to make sure no small adjustments are needed. 

We provide a 5 year warranty on all work. 

How Long will it take?

If you have a firm date you want the project done by its a good idea to start planning 6 months or more in advance.

The Initial Consult: About 3 Weeks

You should be able to schedule your home visit withing a week of your discovery call. We need about a week to create your budget and 3D concept before your showroom visit. So your showroom visit is usually a week or two after the home visit.

Planning & Design: 5 – 6 weeks

Expect to spend 5-7 weeks in design. We usually allow for 2 – 4 design meetings and we also need time to collect bids from our trade partners and samples from our vendors.

Ordering and Receiving: 8 – 12  weeks

Order times are slowly coming down but it can still take 6 to 8 weeks for everything to arrive. We don’t start construction until all materials are in our warehouse and have been checked for damage.

Construction: 6 – 12 weeks

A small bathroom project without any alayout changes could be done in 3 or 4 weeks but larger projects like kitchens can take up to 8 weeks. Whole home remodels can take up to 12 weeks.

More Details About Our Remodeling Process

Step 1: Concept and Budget

Setting a realistic budget and plan in place before moving into design sets you up for success. We start every project with a design and budget consult so we can create that plan for you.

After your consult the next step to to approve your budget and move into the design process.

Step 2: Design and Ordering

After you approve you budget our designers will visit your home to confirm measurments and discuss the concept we already created. Then they will schedule your first design meeting where they will have a complete design, including some material options,  ready for you to review.

It usually takes 3 – 4 design meetings to finalize a kitchen project and 2-3 for a bathroom.

Once design is complete we will order all the materials for you and store them in our warehouse until they are needed on site.

Since it can be 2 or 3 months from the time design is complete until work starts on site you designer will also send you regualr ‘check in’ emails to let you know things are on schedule. 

Step 3: On Site Construction

Your project manager actually gets involved with the project in design. He reviews the scope of work with the designers and helps manage the bid process with our trade partners.

He also works with our warehouse manager to make sure your materaisl arrive on time and checks them against the order to make sure they are correct.

A few weeks before your project starts he will schedule a pre-construction meeting with you to review the project details and job site set up. 

During contruction your project manager is on site daily managing installers and making sure things are build to plan. 


Step 4: Follow Up and Warranty

6 Month “Tune Up”

6 Months after your project completion we will contact you for a “Tune Up” visit. It just an opportunity to tweak or touch up anything that might have gotten a little out of whack.

Annual Check In

Then once a year every year of your warranty period we will send you an email to touch base and make sure everything is still working as expected. This also helps us understand how fixtures and materials are performing over the long haul so we can update recomendations to future clients as well.

We provide a 5 year warranty on our work. Any issues just give us a call and we will investigate and take care of it.

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