Our Remodeling Process

Start To Finish, Here is what to expect


  1. Design and Budget Consult
  2. Design, Selections, Ordering
  3. Pre-Construction and Construction
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We Break Down the Remodeling Process Into 3 Stages

Without a clear process and support staff at each stage projects often start well but “take a bad turn” at some point leading to frustration and dissapointment. We discuss each step during your initial consult. 

  • Intial concept and budget,
  • Design & product selection
  • Preconstruction and construction.


Our Remodeling Process

Step 1: Design and Budget Consult

Clarify your ideas and get a 3D concept and realistic Good Better Best budget for your project.

Our consult has 3 steps: The discovery call, the home visit and the showroom visit. 

Paul McManus

Paul McManus, Owner

1a. The Discovery Call

A 10-15 minute call so we can discuss your project, answer your questions and tell you a a little about how we work. If you decide to move forward with the consult we will send you an email to schedule a time and pay the consult fee. 

1b. The Home Visit 

The purpose of the home visit ts to meet in person and see your home. We’ll talk about your ideas and take accurate measurements with our 3D scanning tool.  

1c. The Showroom Visit

After the home visit we will schedule a  showroom visit where will have a 3D concept and ‘good better best’ budget ready for you to review.

After your consult the next step to to approve your budget and pay a 5% design fee to start the design process.

Step 2: Design, Selections and Ordering

Collaborate with our designers to create your ideal layout and choose materials and fixtures.


2 a. Remeasure Meeting

We will meet you at your home to confirm measurements, review the initial concept again and get a better sense of your personal taste and style.

2 b. Design and Selection Meetings

We will have a complete design ready for you to review at your first meeting.

2 c. Final Meeting – Fixed Price Proposal

At the final meeting we present a fixed price proposal for you to approve.

After the design process is complete we move into pre-construction and construction.

Showroom Manager

Kristi, Designer

Stephanie, Designer

Mike Johnson

Mike, Project Manager

Residential Contractor

Elliot, Project Manager

Step 3 & 4: Pre-Construction and Construction

Ordering, Permitting and Updates

We will order all your materials right away. As they arrive we will inspect them and store them in our warehouse. We will bring them to site as needed during the project so you don’t need to give up any space in your home for material storage. 

Keeping You In The Loop

While we are waiting for your materials to arrive your Designer will send you regular updates through your online project portal as we receive your materials, permits are approved etc…

Pre-construction Meeting

A couple weeks before your start date your project manager will schedule a pre-construction meeting with you to discuss the logistics of starting your project including the dust control and protection plan, parking, pet and child safety etc…


Once work starts your project manager is on site daily making sure things go to plan and keeping you updated through our daily logs.  Your designer remains part of the process and will visit the jobsite at key points as well. We also schedule two formal walk throughs with you to make sure things are meeting your expectations.

Step 5: Warranty Period and Follow Up

We provide a 5 year warranty on our work. Any issues just give us a call and we will investigate and take care of it.

6 Month “Tune Up”

6 Months after your project completion we will contact you for a “Tune Up” visit. It just an opportunity to tweak or touch up anything that might have gotten a little out of whack.

Annual Check In

Then once a year every year of your warranty period we will send you an email to touch base and make sure everything is still working as expected. This also helps us understand how fixtures and materials are performing over the long haul so we can update recomendations to future clients as well.

Tune Up Coupon

How Long will it take?

If you have a firm date you want the project done by its a good idea to start planning 6 months or more in advance.

The Initial Consult: About 3 Weeks

  • You should be able to schedule your home visit withing a week of your discovery call.
  • We need about a week to create your budget and 3D concept before your showroom visit. So your showroom visit is usually a week or two after the home visit.

Planning & Design: 5 – 6 weeks

  • Expect to spend 5-7 weeks in design
  • 2-3 design meetings
  • Time to collect bids and order samples if needed

Ordering and Receiving: 8 – 12  weeks

  • It takes 10-14 weeks to receive cabinets and other materials
  • We don’t start construction until all materials have arrived

Construction: 6 – 10 weeks

  • Demo and Rough in
  • Cabinets, Flooring and trims
  • Countertop template
  • 2-4 weeks to fabricate and install counters
  • Trim out and finish


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